Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Vigil

Maggie comforting Mom - yesterday

This morning I talked to John.  They don't expect Mom to make it through the day.

Mom has been unresponsive for the past 36 hours.  Her eyes haven't closed.  She has been in the same position in her bed for the past ten days.  

Yesterday, Maggie got on her bed.  Maggie knows.

Maggie is Barbara's dog.  Maggie has been Mom's constant companion since we moved Mom down to John and Barb's home in Greenville last October.  

Maggie knows she isn't supposed to get on Mom's bed.  Yesterday she ignored that rule.  She knows.


  1. Ron,

    Lo and I am thinking of your mom and of you. My mother and dad are as well.

    You are right about Maggie. Animal's always know somehow when things are not right and they come to comfort.

    Let me know if you need anything.


  2. Take care, you're in my prayers.

  3. Thank you Peter. My only hope is that she isn't conscious of what is happening. She has already suffered so much.

  4. Thank you Lar. We're all hoping Mom's suffering will end soon. It will be a blessing.

  5. Anonymous11:06 AM


    I'm praying for you & your family to find peace in knowing that your Mom's suffering will soon end. I also believe Maggie senses the end is near. Your Mom, like mine is in a comatose state. No one really knows what they are feeling at that point but when I held my Mom's hand & talked to her, her BP would rise. I believe they are aware of some things.

    Love & Prayers,

  6. Fran,

    Mom's suffering has ended. Thank you for your kindness. You understand. My thoughts are with you and your mom.

    Take care,



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