Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi was a young man who committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington bridge.

He was distraught and embarrassed because two of his college roommates apparently thought it was great fun to videotape Tyler's first sexual encounter and post it to Facebook. 

The roommates, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei (both 18) were charged with invasion of privacy.  Prison terms are threatened.  Note this right now......NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THEM.  NOTHING.  There will be a lot of sturm und drang but in the end yet another case of homophobia, gay bashing will go unpunished.

In this country today, where we have the ridiculous, discriminatory and absurd "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and the DOMA law in full effect and backed up to the hilt by our country, gays and lesbians will always be less than whole. 

That a young man like Tyler Clementi would be so ashamed of his sexual identity that he felt the need to destroy himself once his sexual identity was made public is beyond sad. 

Lately I've been posting blogs that are "down."  I was all prepared to post an upbeat and happy blog today.  However, after hearing this heartbreaking news and the continuing officially sanctioned discrimination against gays and lesbians, I had no other choice but to voice my sadness, anger and frustration. 

I think it's time for President Obama to set an example for this country from the top and stop the expulsion of gay and lesbians from the military.  Once this country understands that being gay isn't something to be ashamed of, then maybe this young person's death will not of been in vain. 

Now is the time President Obama. 



  1. I saw this on the news this morning. Tragic, I hope the people responsible for causing this to happen are punished, and shamed in public. This is a sad day, but he wil not be forgotten.

  2. Mike,
    The two 18 year olds responsible will not be punished. They never are. Their only punishment will be living with their consciences, but I doubt they even have one.

    Obama has to take the lead and show that gays and lesbians are not to be treated as less, by stopping the expulsion of gays and lesbians from the military. He needs to do this now. Until that happens, more tragedies like Tyler will happen.

  3. Hey, it's me. Yeah, not a fan of "downer" posts. But I would like to add that I don't think what they did was homophobic as much as it was just plain mean. So yes, I do think that they should be punished and I agree that it will be a lite slap on the hands if anything at all. Young kids these days are less homophobic than ever.
    I know that it's only my opinion but I did grow up the only Black in an all White town(Highspire, PA) and Gay in Steelton(Football town, USA). I have felt the full brunt of discrimination so I consider myself an expert on this. Sadly, this is the only thing that I'm an expert on.
    And as much as my Partner Frederic hates it, I will never vote for Obama again or any one like him. I only did the first time to save my "marriage".
    Ron, as you may have figured out by now, I'm an outcast in my own community. I've been one my whole life, and I probably will be forever.
    Thanks for letting me share.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Mark,

    Thank you for sharing your very honest opinions with me. I think you're right to the extent that more young folk aren't as homophobic as they were when I was young. I don't know the two young people who posted the video of Tyler to FB and what their attitude towards gays was, but I suspect that they did consider Tyler "less than whole" thus fair game to mock.

    You are right in that you have felt the full brunt of discrimination in the fact that you are black and gay. That's two strikes against you already. At least I could hide the fact I was gay which I did until I was 22 years old. Since I came out I've lost two career ending jobs, been strangled, almost hit with a car that tried to run me off a road, and been chased by a gang of thugs with a baseball bat and several others times threatened just because I didn't conceal the fact that I am gay.
    I don't hate Obama but he isn't what he purported to be during the campaign. He doesn't care anything about gays and I think he's a fraud and lazy overall. The Republicans are worse, much worse.

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel you're an outcast in your own community. You seem like a decent fellow to me. I hope your life changes in the future so you won't feel that way. As for me, no more "downer" blogs for a while. It's going to be hard though. I'm a natural complainer. :)

    I thank you too for sharing.



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