Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stop Whining

Our Vice-President - Joe Biden

My longtime friend (since grade school) Lar has lived in Delaware for over thirty years.  Joe Biden has always been his senator.  

When I lived in Pennsylvania, I was always put off a bit whenever I mentioned Joe Biden and Lar would have a negative reaction.  Lar is a pretty reasonable guy.  I could never understand his organic dislike for Joe Biden.  Lar likes everybody and if he doesn't like them he rarely, if ever, expresses his dislike for them.  However, with Joe Biden Lar doesn't hesitate to express his dislike for the former senior senator from Delaware.  Lar's dislike of Joe Biden is visceral.  

Now that I live in Delaware (since 2006) and have experienced Joe Biden first hand, I understand my friend Lar's dislike.  Joe Biden is a self-important, vacuous, arrogant phony.  

Yesterday Joe Biden again proved what a flatulent, pin headed, arrogant, pompous ass he is by advising those Democrats and Progressives who are disappointed in the weak-kneed and promises not kept Obama administration by advising those Democrats to "Stop whining and get out and vote for the Democrats."  

Hey, what a way to win over the base!  Is this man a genius or what?  Insult your base.  That's what you do to get them out to vote on election day.  Then he goes out and says "Buck up!"  Obama said the same thing later on in the day.  They obviously got their talking points.  

So why should we Democrats and Progressives vote for the Democrats?  Obama and Biden say that the alternative, the Republicans lead by the Tea Baggers are worse.  Hey, there's another good reason to vote Democratic.  Never mind that this administration has been rolled repeatedly the past two years by the Party of No, the Republicans.

 Never mind that they let the likes of Joe Lieberman get away with his nonsense. 

Never mind that they passed a phony health care bill without a public option. 

Never mind that the absurd law "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is still on the books.  

Never mind that Obama can't even take a leadership role and at least put a stop loss on any further discharges from the Armed services of our gay and lesbian members. 

Never mind that even though as judges overall the DOMA act, Obama's Justice department is still challenging those actions. 

Asked why, Robert Gibbs airily explains away the Justice Department actions as "pro forma." 

Hey, I thought when we voted for Obama we voted to change the way things were done in Washington.  Apparently that was a lie.

So Joe Biden addresses dissent and disappointment in the Democratic base of his party as "Stop whining" and "Buck up."  

I have choice two word answer to Biden but since this is a family blog I won't say it here.  However, what I will say is that now I understand my friend Lar cannot stand Joe Biden.  I can't either.

What a pompous ass.  


  1. Ron,

    Oh come on, Ron, buck up and stop whining about Blabbermouth Biden. Every party needs a clown.


  2. Amen, brother. It is unfortunate that the :Scrapper from Scranton" has such a lock on the FIrst State.

  3. Liberty,

    As I said in my post, I now understand my friend Larry from Claymont's view of Joe Biden. He really screwed up when he advised Beau not to run for his old Senate seat didn't he? I'm not a tea bagger but it doesn't upset me to see the old political order (lock) broken by Castle's defeat and the Biden dynasty probably come to an end. I'm for throwing out all the career politicians.

  4. I don't know him; vice-presidents tend to be obscure,
    it is a disappointment to hear he is like this.

  5. Ur-spo,
    I had high hopes for Biden but he is just another lying politician.


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