Thursday, September 30, 2010

Room at the Inn

The empty Inn last night, all lights were operating

Last night at the inn where I work as a front desk clerk in Lewes, our hotel occupancy was ZERO. 

That's right......NADA.  

NO BODY WAS IN THE HOTEL except your genial and at your service guest service!

Me waiting for the elevator to make my rounds (looking for "Johnny")

My hours were from 3 pm in the afternoon until 11 pm at night.  

In addition to checking in hotel guests, attending to their needs, and answering their questions my additional nighttime duties are:

  1. Folding laundry
  2. Cleaning the lint filters (one of my FAV jobs)
  3. Emptying the dishwasher and putting away the dishes
  4. Setting out the breakfast dishes
  5. Vacuuming the lobby rugs
  6. Mopping the tile floors
  7. Checking all the outside lights
  8. Checking to make sure all the doors are locked
  9. Taking reservations over the phone
  10. And anything else the hotel guests throw my way (which is infinite - always something new)
Even with all those additional chores, it was a long night at the Inn last night.  At times I felt like the Jack Nicholson character in that Stephen King film (I can't remember the name) but the one where he and his family are in the Hotel Overlook.  You know the one.  It's the one where he goes crazy and takes an ax to chop through a door to get to his wife and then sticks his head through the hole in the door and says "HERE'S JOHNNY!"  With the wind howling last night at the Inn, I expected at any moment to see an ax come through one of the door to the office where I sit and a "HERE'S JOHNNY!" moment.  

It was a LONG NIGHT.

Checking to make sure no one is in room 402 


nitewrit said...


The Stanley Kubrick movie starring Jack Nicholson from the Stephen King novel is "The Shining".

I think I'd be a bit spooked being alone in a hotel. You must have felt more like the night watchman than the front desk clerk.


Ur-spo said...

That sounds unsettling; being alone in a place that should have people.
I thought your Shining references very funny.

Kim Ayres said...

The film was "The Shining" and I'd started to think about it a few lines before you mentioned Jack Nicholson, so I guess the cultural references from that film have now become pretty universal :)

Ron said...


Yes, it is very strange to be all alone in a hotel with no one. I couldn't help but think of all the different guests that have been in these rooms over the years including Matthew McCanaughy, Michael Isakopf, and Frred Grandy ("Gopher" of the old Love Boat TV series.) Lewes is a seaside destination for many Washington D.C. based folks.

By the way, plenty of wind and rain on the boardwalk this morning. I wish I could have sent some your way. We have more than enough.

Ron said...

You're right! It was "The Shining." I don't know why I have a mental block on that name. Probably because I read the book first before I saw the movie. Staying in an empty hotel is creepy though. Especially when I have to check the massage room to make sure the light isn't on. I half expect to open that door one evening and see a headless corpse lying on the massage table. And that wasn't even in "The Shining."

Ron said...


It's always spooky when I'm alone in the hotel. Why don't you and Lois come down for a visit?

Sam said...

2 questions:

Is it pronounced "Lewis" or "Loos?"

Did you see Matthew McCanaughy naked? Shirtless at least?

Ron said...


Ah, the "Lewis" or "Loos" question...perhaps my most frequently asked question. The answer is L-E-W-I-S

I wasn't working at the Inn when Matthew McCanaughy was there. He's not my type anyway. However, I was working there (both times) that Fred Grandy ("Gopher" on "Love Boat") checked in. He's more my type. I go for the nerdy guys.