Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moving On

Me, John and Isaac at Happy Days restaurant in Thorndale, PA September 20, 2010

We're alright.  My brothers John and Isaac and me, we're alright.

We laid Mom to rest Monday.  

I left Pennsylvania early yesterday for my home in coastal Delaware.

John and his wife Barb left Pennsylvania early this morning for their home in Greenville, South Carolina.  

Isaac will stay at the longtime family home in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

I talked to both John and Isaac this morning on the phone.  We're all doing alright.  

Mom led a good, long life.  She lovingly raised three fine boys.  She did her job.  

No false modesty here, she did a great job with us.  We were a handful growing up.  Three personalities as different as can be, yet she met the challenge.  

There was that one comment she made a few years ago when she was reminiscing about the job she did raising us.  She said "I'm glad none of my boys ended up in prison."  SAY WHAT?  I said "Mom!  Why would you even think that?"  She was a bit embarrassed when I questioned her but I think I know where she was coming from.  When she was a young girl in Downingtown, a trusted banker and local, upright citizen was found to have embezzled money from the local bank.  That event, along with being a child of the Depression shook her faith in people.  So that's maybe why she raised us as she did.  To never lie,  cheat, or steal.  If we did we knew we would have to face MOM.  

Thanks Mom.  You raised us right.   Of course you eliminated a career possibility for all three of us.  We could never become politicians.


  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Hadn't stopped by in awhile so just learned about your mom--you have my sympathies. Crying while eating your lunch at work is one of the hazards of reading blogs I guess...the post with the picture of the dog did me in...
    Julie A.

  2. Julie,

    Thank you for your comment. There was more to that picture of the dog (Maggie) on Mom's bed. Mom was on the upper part of the photo but I decided crop it out before I posted it on my blog. It was heartbreaking. Maggie knew Mom was dying. She knew it.


  3. I lost my mum 7 and a half years ago.

    It's good to remember the positive things

  4. Kim,

    I have a lot of positive memories of my Mom. I feel good when I think about them. However, I will always miss her. She loved for me to take her shopping and visiting. That's what I'll miss the most.



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