Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little Spontaneous Action

Me and "The Cajun" - Riverboat Gamblers

Wayne (AKA "The Cajun") and me at Olde Time Photo in Rehoboth Beach

After having slept most of this rainy Sunday, I decided late in the afternoon to take a ride into Rehoboth.

Normally I would not do this on a Sunday night in season but since it rained today I figured the vehicle and people traffic wouldn't be too bad. I was right.

As I was making my left turn off of Rt. 1 onto Rehoboth Avenue (Rt. 1A) I thought to myself, "Why not stop by Dos Locos and see if Wayne is still there?"  Wayne is a host at Dos Locos.  He usually gets off around 5 pm.  I thought on a lark, drop by, pick up Wayne, treat him to dinner at the Purple Parrot and then go to Olde Time Photo and have a crazy picture taken.

I was in luck.  Wayne was just getting off work.  He was surprised to see me but he was up for the adventure.  He said he had already eaten but would join me for a drink at the Purple Parrot while I chowed down a Wimpy hamburger (with cheese and crispy bacon - no raw bacon for me thank you.)

About a year and a half ago (was it that long ago), a group of us used to meet at the Feathered One (AKA the Purple Parrot restaurant) on Sunday nights for a weekly get together of old friends.  Really OLD FRIENDS.  

However, somehow that tradition has fallen by the wayside for several reasons of which I won't go into at this time.

It was good to get our table by the window again where we could view the parade of people strolling down Rehoboth Avenue while we chatted and waited for our order.  Wayne ordered a margarita.  He was sampling the competition.  Dos Locas has the best margaritas this side of Rt. 1.  The margarita he got at the Parrot missed the mark.  Obviously from a mix, it was bitter and not pleasant.  Somewhat awkwardly he asked the waiter to take it back.  But that was the only sour note on the night.  My Wimpy hamburger and fries were perfecto.  Just as I remembered them from a year and a half ago, the last time I was at the Parrot.

While stuffing my face with my Wimpy,  who do I think I see walking by outside than none other than one of my blog fans.  I do believe it was Mark with his partner Fred.  Was that you Mark?  I think we made eye contact but you swiftly averted your eyes.  You came into the Parrot and went to the bar with Fred but you left shortly thereafter.  I was tempted to go up and say "Hi!" to you but Wayne advised me against it.  I didn't want to cause any problems in your marriage.  Ah, the drama that unfolds when one ventures out into the night.

It was a beautiful night.  After dining at the Parrot, Wayne and I crossed the street to the old time photo place.  This Sunday Rehoboth Avenue was busy but not crazy busy like it is in the height of summer.  A cool breeze surrounded us, the soft lights of the avenue was kind to our old visages, and we were in an adventurism mood.  Almost like two young kids even though I'm 68 and Wayne is 64.  God, we're old.

As luck would have it, they were empty.  I didn't want to have our pictures taken with a bunch of screaming, irritable, restless kids around.  I did that when I had my Christmas card pictures at J.C. Penney Dover last year.  I didn't want to go through that experience again.  

The two young ladies from some eastern European country (one from Russia) who were working at the old time photo place were delightful.  We decided to have our pictures taken as two old time western gamblers.  Oh and did we ever look like the gamblers.  I'll post those pictures tomorrow (I have to scan them and it's too late now for all that activity.)  

After our pictures were taken and we were choosing what pictures we wanted to keep, Wayne's two bosses stopped by to say "Hi!"  The picture posted on this blog is the one they took of us.  I know, I know, my blue plaid shirt does not match my gambler outfit (Wayne already told me.)  However, the smiles are genuine.

All and all, a good night in the town.  One is never too old for a little spontaneous action.  

We're not dead yet.  

The night didn't end well - our usual relationship - contentious


Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Okay, so your shirt doesn't match for costume photo. You wanna see a "what not to wear" check my next post when I get it up.:)

Gonna start workin' on it now.


Ron Tipton said...


That picture was taken after the shoot. Wayne made a comment about the "terrible clash of colors." That's one of the weaknesses of us gay guys, we're always checking color coordination.