Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Good Day to Read a Book

This morning I woke up later than usual. I wasn't feeling too well last night after making breaded chicken parmesan. I suspect the culprit was probably a bad egg that I used to coat the chicken. Either that or an old egg. Probably an old egg. I think I brought that carton of eggs int he spring. Whatever, I was a bit woozy last night after dining alone in my kitchen so after checking my e-mail and making my journal entry, I went to bed early. No Netflix movie, no surfing the Internet looking for a decent blog to read.

So this morning I woke up at 5:20 am instead of my usual 4:30 am.

I bounce out of bed, still woozy (some egg.) Sunday is wash the sheets day. Bill still isn't speaking to me but he did put his dirty sheets (we don't sleep together) on the trash can in the hallway. I put his sheets and mine in the washer

Next stop is the kitchen. I mix my fiber blend (need to take this 20 minutes before I eat) and slice the strawberries for my Corn Chex breakfast. I coat the strawberries in sugar so by the time I'm done shaving there will be a bit of strawberry juice to sweeten the tasteless store brought strawberries.

The bathroom next for the Morning Shave (and Other Functions.) That finished I go back to the kitchen (my 20 minutes are up - everything is timed here) and turn on the TV. Let's see, what shall I watch this morning from my list of previously recorded shows? Ah yes, Joy Behar. I like Joy. She's interesting, gossipy (my line) and brings a smile to my face. I feel like she is a personal friend of mine. I wish I knew a woman like her personally. But, it is not to be. All the lesbians down here keep to themselves and the straight women are all married or in relationships Nobody wants an old gay guy for a pal. Well, maybe neighbor Barb. She's nice. She doesn't like Joy though I'm rambling.

So anyway, I'm on a tight schedule because I want to be out of the house by six to make the six mile drive down the almost deserted Route 1 to Rehoboth Beach. I want to be there before the sun rises.

My morning exercises are next. I lift weights I've been lifting weights since 1968. I don't lift as much now but I am so programmed to do my daily weight lifting exercise that I'm at loose ends unless I do it. Whereas I used to to five sets of twenty-five lifts each, now I only do one and then sometimes only 10 lifts. Knee bends and lifting a barbell over my head.

Lifting weights one might ask? So how comes you don't look like Hulk Hogan? I don't lift for bulk. I lift for muscle tone. I also lift to keep my circulation going. I also lift to keep the flab down. It has paid off. I'm the oldest of three sons of Ike and Betty Tipton. Both of my younger brothers have heart health problems. Both are hovering around the 300 lb. mark. My heart is just fine (gets a little lonely at times though.) My weight is half their weight (155 lbs. now.) I weight five pounds less than I did when I graduated from high school. Of course things have shifted around a bit. Gravity does take it's toll. The buns aren't as firm as they used to be (darn it.)

After my exercises I come upstairs to eat my breakfast. I take the now finished sheets out of the washer and put them in the dryer. I go into my bedroom to change into my boardwalk drag. This morning it will be my gray and black prison stipe pullover and OD green cargo pants.

I gather up my wallet, keys, small notebook and pen (might met someone on the boardwalk, have to be prepared), my cellphone (my brother John might call about Mom) and my camera. I forgot my camera yesterday (thus why I posted the video of the sunrise, I did have my Flip video camera with me) and I didn't want to forget it again.

I go to the garage, making sure to put my camera on the passenger seat so I don't forget it, and put on my white sneakers. Reebok Walkers are my preferred sneaks for walking the boards.

I open the garage door and what is it I see? I see light reflecting off of the wet driveway. What's this? The irrigation system on again? Didn't Bill just have it on last night? Yes, he did. Then I look a little farther out and yes......the driveway leading out of my little Shangra-La was wet with rain. Then I heard it.....the steady pitter pat of rain. Oh, IT"S RAINING.

Now this is something very unusual for these parts. It rarely rains in southern Delaware (sounds like a song title doesn't it?) When it does rain it is usually a ferocious thunderstorm that passes through in the late afternoon, usually knocking out the power just long enough that I have to reset all the clocks.

A steady rain, early in the morning? Doesn't happen. It was happening this morning though.

I briefly thought "Shall I get my butch rain parka and go anyway?" Then I looked and my recently washed. brand new, shiny, red 2010 Subaru Forester. Did I want to get all that road spray from Rt. 1 from all those rude drivers on it? Was the Morning Walk worth it? Hmmmmmm.

I made my decision. It wasn't worth it. Uh uh. Nope. I'm not going to fight the traffic and road spray gunk just to walk on the boardwalk. My Daily Walk would have to give way this one morning. It's not the end of the world.

However, I am such a creature of habit that this change of plans will probably seriously disrupt my plans for the day. Flexibility isn't one of the virtues of getting older. One really does get set in one's ways. Especially me. The older I get the more rigid I become.

So here I am doing my daily, stream of conscientiousness blog posting. I'm just about finished. I'll wrap this up, take the sheets out of the dryer, make my bed and then go back to bed (not under the covers but on top now....this is daytime and I don't go under the covers during daytime unless I'm seriously sick.)

I'll resume reading "The Captured - A True Story of Abduction by Indians on the Texas Frontier" by Scott Zesch. Darn, I do like a good book and this is a doozy.

Just a perfect way to spend my time on this rainy September Sunday.


  1. Note: It seems Blogger won't let me add any more pictures to my blog so I will have to add my one picture at the top of my blog on the header. I think perhaps when I added the video yesterday I used up all my allotted Blogger space.

  2. Ron,

    Yes, this rain is a bummer. I know it has been dry and we need it, but we are planning to go to the mushroom festival today, me, Lo and the two girls. The boy has to work, an inventory of one of the other wine stores, in Maryland I think.

    I figured I could get some photos and it's give me a new post. They have it rain or shine, so maybe we will go anyway. It's supposed to be showers off and on rather than the steady rain when I got up.

    By the way, it's a bit early in the day to hear about your sagging buns.


  3. Lar,

    Yes, the rain definitely put a damper on things. I had the day all planned. I've gotten spoiled by the string of sunny days. We need the rain though.

    I had to laugh when I read your comment "by the way, it's a bit early in the day to hear about your sagging buns." I was debating whether or not to place that picture in people's minds. Interesting fact about aging. All the exercise in the world doesn't seem to be helping my turkey neck or sagging buns. The wrinkles I understand.



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