Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Won!

The sign I saw yesterday at the end of the road out of my development as I turned on Rt. 1 to vote in Milton - an Ominous Sign 

I voted yesterday.  I wanted to vote for Christine O'Donnell but I am a registered Democrat and Delaware has a closed primary.  I could only vote for Democratic candidates.

Those who know me know that I would never vote for a right wing nut candidate like Christine O'Donnell but I wanted her to win in order to give the Democratic candidate for senator from Delaware (Chris Koons - how about that name?  One would think the Democratic establishment could pick some unknown with a better name than "Koons."  I can just imagine the field day the southern senators will have with that name if Koons is elected to the Senate.)  

I don't consider myself a tea bagger, or as they refer to themselves now as "Tea Partiers."  They made this name change after being informed that there was an obscene urban definition for a "tea bagger."  You'll have to look it up, I won't spell it out here.  

I don't subscribe to many of the Tea Party candidates promises to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, the VA and the other government safety net programs.  I paid into Social Security and I want my money.  I was in the Army for three years and promised VA medical care if I needed it.  The government should keep its promise to me and other veterans like me who put their lives at risk for their country.  

I think there are too many racists in the Tea Party who just can't accept the fact that there is a black man with his family living in the White House.  Get over it.  

But having stated my reservations about being a tea bagger, I do subscribe to their general theory of "throw the bums out!"  

Thus, I was ecstatic when I heard the breaking news on the Rachel Maddow show last night that Christine O'Donnell won the Republican senatorial primary in Delaware, beating the establishment pick Mike Castle, a long time Republican fixture in Delaware who has held every office from lieutenant governor, governor, representative and now (he thinks) senator.  Sorry Mike.  It ain't  going to happen.  You just lost your turn.  The rules have changed.  Have a nice life but go away dinosaur.  

Mike Castle - a regular ball of fire

When I voted yesterday, my only choices on the Democratic ballot were a bunch of local politicians that I didn't know anything about.  So I voted for each one who was SECOND on the ballot.  That was my way of protesting against the establishment.  I figured that the Democratic establishment put their picks first on the ballot.  

On the Chris Matthews' show "Hardball" last night, he was interviewing Matthew Dowd, a former Bush speechwriter.  Now normally I would never agree with anything a former Bush speechwriter would have to say but I have to admit that Mr. Dowd's assessment of the anger that the Tea Party voters represent is right on the mark.  He said:

"The Tea Party candidates who are winning represent an intense anger from the voters who voted for them."

"They will vote against anyone who represents the Establishment."

"November doesn't matter, they're establishment candidates are in the way."

"Washington is disconnected from people's everyday lives."

"Washington spends money without regard for what is really going on in the country."

"They (the voters) think that Republicans and Democrats, regardless if they get along publicly, cut deals.  It's "I'll scratch your back and you scratch my back."

"They're (the politicians of both political parties) are only interested in rising up the (political) ladder."

"They're only interested in what they can get out of Washington."

"They're only interested in power for power's sake."

"They're not interested in designing a government that reflects where they (the voter) are in their lives."

"It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican but if they feel you represent that (kind of politician) they don't like you."

This is EXACTLY how I feel.  

Chris Matthews went on to say that the people who vote for Tea Party candidates feel that the 

"Rot is at the top" (the politicians from the president on down)

"The Mob (new immigrants and the poor) are at the gate"

"We're (the middle class) is stuck in the middle"

The Tea Party voters (and many others like me) are sick to death of the "get along to go along" mentality of many members of BOTH POLITICAL parties.

I had great hope ("Change that you can believe in") when Barrack Obama was elected president.  That hope is gone.  

Sure, there was a health care bill passed but it's a phony bill.  My health care costs are still going up.  Where's the public option?  Oh, I forgot.  Rahm Emanuel advised Obama to forget that key ingredient in bringing down health care costs if there was any hope of getting a health care bill through Congress.  Obama and the Democrats didn't even try to get a public option.  It's a fake bill. Sounds good but doesn't really change anything.  

Then there is the stupid continuation of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.  Sure, Congress has to repeal this lame brain, discriminatory law but at least Obama could put a stop loss on any further discharges from the military of its gay and lesbian members.  Nothing has changed.  Patriotic citizens of this country who just happened to be gay or lesbian are still being kicked out of the armed forces just because of who they are.  Barrack Obama failed to provide presidential leadership.  

Then there is the DOMA law.  You know that one, a law passed that marriage is only to be between a man and a woman.  Obama is on record that he believes that marriage should ONLY be "between a man and a woman."  I can't believe he really believes that but if he does, shame on him.  If he doesn't but professes to believe it, then shame on him again.  He's a hypocrite.  

What I really fault Obama and the Democrats for is that they again have taken for granted gay and lesbian support.  They think we (I'm gay) have nowhere else to go.  They're right there but I don't have to contribute any more money to the Democratic party of Democratic candidates.  I don't have to vote.  Which upsets me a lot but I will not vote again for a Democratic candidate who isn't going to do more than lip service to working for equal rights for ALL of our citizens, including the GBLT community. 

I couldn't wait to vote for the first time in my life when I voted for Barry Goldwater.  I've always felt special when I voted.  For the first time in my life I an seriously considering sitting on my hands and not voting.  That's how bad our political system has failed, to cause me not to vote. 

So that's why I'm glad Christine O'Donnell won yesterday.  Mike Castle, a political fixture in Delaware for a generation, thought it was his turn to be the next senator from Delaware.  Or, more accurately, the Establishment thought he would be the next senator from Delaware.  They would be wrong.  

It was interesting watching the two candidates on TV last night.  Representative Castle look tired and old.  Christine O'Donnell looked young and fresh.  Hey, so what if she's just another nut job?  Can we do any worse than the crowd that's in power now?  I think not.  

Congratulations Christine!

Christine O'Donnell - WINNER - Delaware Republican Senate candidate

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