Monday, September 13, 2010

Buffalo Ron

"Buffalo Ron"

Ever wonder what an older, gay man with too much time on his hands does?  He blogs and has pictures taken of himself as a characters from the 19th century.

The first time I had one of the old time photos taken was in 1974 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  I was visiting Cape Cod for the first time.  Actually it was the first time I visited any vacation destination.  

Big Bob and Ron Provincetown, Mass - 1974

I grew up with my two younger brothers in the poor white trash section of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  Back in those days, the Fifties, our big thrill was Pop taking us to the local swimming hole after weddings eight rows of corn.  Not that I'm complaining mind you.  I loved our childhood summer activity as a "townie" in the small town of Downingtown.  The term "townie" comes from my classmate Carole Davis who lived on a farm outside of Downingtown.  Back in those days you were either a "townie" or a "farmer."  Truth be said, being called a "farmer" was worse.

Me and my brothers (I'm in the center)  and our dog Sam at the local swimming hole 1954

Pop didn't take us kids to "the shore", as the Jersey Shore was called in those days (and these days too.)  We didn't know the thrill of seeing the waves wash in on the sands of the beach in Atlantic City.  Nope.  The old Watering Hole out past Boot Road was good enough for us.  Again, not complaining.  In fact, we always had a grand old time.

Fast forward to 1974.  Now I had a good paying job in the big city of Philadelphia.  I had vacation.  I heard that Provincetown was the place to go for a young gay guy like me. It was the Gay Disneyland.  So I talked my friend Big Bob (he has a size 15 foot) into going with me.  Bob drove.  Big excitement.

The first night in P-town we're in the mass of humanity on Saturday night cruising down Commerical Street.  Yes, that is the name of Provincetown's main street.  Not very imaginative is it?  One of the first things I see is this tourist trap place that take photos that put you back in time.  I ask Big Bob if he's up for it.  He was.  We got our picture taken.  That was in 1974.  

Every year since then I've been meaning to have another picture taken.  I finally got around to it this year, 2010. Uh, only 36 years later.  Talk about procrastination.  

Now I'm trying to make up for lost time before I bit the dust.  Kick the bucket.  Buy the farm.  Pictured above is yours truly as......are you ready? 


Do you think I waited to long?  

Did I pull it off?

Am I butch enough?

At least I'm color coordinated.

Stay tuned.  There's more to come.  


  1. Ron,

    Say, Buffalo Ron, what happened to the photo of you and Wayne on the last post. All that is there now is a small question mark.


  2. What can I say? You're a man, in Chaps. Works for me! And why did you have to mention size 15 foot? Now I can't concentrate on my work. m.

  3. Lar,

    I don't know. I'll have to check it.


  4. Mark,

    Chaps work for me too. By the way, the Big Foot Rule doesn't apply with my friend with the Size 15 foot. Teeney, weeny.


  5. That is the saddest thing I've ever heard.


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