Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Boardwalk After Labor Day

Me all alone on the boardwalk this morning

What a difference a holiday makes.  Almost immediately after the Labor Day Weekend, almost all of the summertime touristas have departed Rehoboth.  I never thought I would say this but I feel a sense of sadness.  I miss the tourists!

These days I arrive at the boardwalk before the sun rises.  

The only walkers on the boardwalk are an old Italian-American man who parks his power-wash truck at the north end of the boardwalk, near the Cape Henlopen Hotel, where I park my car.  He's in his white painter's pants and white T-shirt when he begins his very focused walk.  This man is obviously trying to stave off a heart attack my his morning walk.  More power to him.

Another walker is a young woman in her running shorts and bra top.  At first I was surprised that this rather attractive young woman would walk the boards so early in the morning, in the dark.  But then I thought that maybe she had to go to work and this was her daily exercise.  More power to her too.

Then there is the other retired older gentlemen.  I've seen him every day since I began my walk about two months ago.  He is rather chunky but he does a good walk.  I've seen him cover the boardwalk at least three time.  That's a total of six miles!  More power to him too.

I don't see many other people other than the occasional older couple who are hardly walking.  They're obviously not out for exercise but rather to enjoy the sea air.  More power to them too.  

What I do miss seeing is the Human Parade that I saw every morning during the height of the summer season.  It's amazing at how quickly the boardwalk became deserted after Labor Day.  

I guess the summertime traffic does depend on the kids being out of school.  I don't miss them.  

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  1. Ron,

    Well, I don't know where all those people went, but it wasn't the polls. I was first in line and also last in line when I went over and voted this morning.

    I did a lot of civic duty this month: jury duty and then voting. I have to pay my property tax too.

    We're headed up to North Jersey tomorrow, up to some fancy garden. You'll probably hear about later in the week.



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