Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Afternoon Stroll on the Beach

Me checking out the beach this afternoon

I never go to the beach in the afternoon.  However, today I decided I wanted more of those keychains with my "Buffalo Ron" picture on it.  They will make great gifts for my relatives.  They love to get pictures of "Uncle Ronnie."  At least I think they do.

Well anyway, it's still "feed the meter" time in Rehoboth and I had about an hour and a half left on my parking slot right down by the beach.  It wasn't too awfully crowded today so I decided to hit the boardwalk again.  As you know, I only walk the boardwalk very early in the morning.  This would be a new experience for me.  Mingling with the touristas and other beach denizens.  

The sun felt good on my skin and the warm of the ocean breeze was refreshing.  On the way back I decided to walk on the beach.  Walking on the wet sand isn't too bad.  It's not like slogging through sand, which I don't like. 

Of course I had my camera with me.  My camera is ever at the ready.  Never know when "that shot" will pop up.  Well, it happened today.  The lifeguards (who I never see early in the morning) were doing practicing runs into the surf.  I must say they were very impressive.  I'm just sorry I didn't have my Flip video with me.  But I did have my camera.  

Maybe I'll go in the water next visit.....now that I know the beach is so well protected.


Peter said...

Why do I have a vision, of a Tom of Finland picture in my head, when you talk about the lifeguard?!

Ron Tipton said...


I didn't realize what I was taking a picture of (had to take it quick while walking so he wouldn't see me) until I got home. I was impressed by his pecs. I didn't realized I captured "more."