Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jeanne's Visit

Judy, Jack, me and Jeanne on my neighbors' hot deck this afternoon

Today, on this hot Sunday we had a mini-class reunion at my humble abode two miles west of the Broadkill River and just east of Route 1.

My former classmate from high school Jeanne Emery Veltro was in town (Lewes) for a wedding yesterday.  Since I came out at my 40th class reunion (ten years ago), Jeanne has wanted to meet my Significant Other (Bill.)  Today was supposed to be the day.  However, Bill was visiting friends and missed her visit.  Maybe next time.

I had a wonderful visit with my former classmate.  I also invited over Judy and her husband Jack, who live in Lewes to join us for lunch.  Judy is also another former classmate.  Jack and Judy generously let me stay at their lovely home in Cape Shores right on the bay back in the winter of 2006 during the building of my present home.  They spent the winter in their Florida home.  In fact Jack was the person responsible for giving me the final push to put a down payment on the lot which is the site of my present home.  Thanks Jack............I think.  Just kidding.  It was one of the best moves I've ever made in my life.

We all had a very pleasant visit.  Jeanne recently lost her husband.  We talked about that.  I think it was a healing experience.  Too many of my classmates are now widows.  It is sad but to be expected at this time of our life.  We are no longer the eager, young graduates that we were in 1959 ready to face a new decade (the Sixties) and the world.  So much has happened in the past fifty years.  The time has gone by so quickly.  Most of us are still working but we're starting to gradually give up the reins.

Jeanne and I in our high school marching band 1959 - I'm in the back on the left with the Sousaphone and Jeanne is seated next to me

I told Jeanne before she left I had to take the Mandatory Ron Picture of the event.  I asked them to follow me over to my delightful neighbors Bob and Barbara.  I called Barbara and asked her to take our picture.  Barbara, being the wonderful neighbor that she is graciously consented.  Great picture Barb!  Thanks.

By the way, note than both Judy and Jeanne are color coordinated in turquoise and white.  Pure coincidence.  At least that's what they told me.

Have a safe trip back home Jeanne.

The Goodbye Hug


  1. Your Posts make me both happy and sad at the same time. That's a compliment by the way. I love getting together with old Friends and I write about that a lot. I even enjoy talking with those that I didn't get along with in School. I think it must be because, just by their presence, they take you back in time.
    Thanks Ron.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Anyone who sees this wil leave warm and fuzzy.

  3. Mike,

    We had a very nice visit. It was especially poignant since Jeanne's husband died not that long ago. We found out that at our 50th class reunion this past October, she knew he only had a short time to live. Very sad. We all have our turn don't we? That's why I try to make every day count.


  4. Thank you Mark. I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I love getting together with old friends, especially at this time of my life. We don't have much time left so I try to make every day count. So far we're doing good.

    Have a good day Mark.



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