Friday, July 23, 2010

Early Morning on the Boardwalk

Lifeguard stand early this morning at Rehoboth Beach, DE

This morning I took an early run  (5:30 am) down Rt. 1 to Rehoboth Beach to deliver a birthday present to my friend Wayne (aka "The Cajun.")  I can't keep up with his work schedule (he is a host at a very popular restaurant on the main drag in Rehoboth Beach) so the only way I could give him his present today and avoid the Friday tourist crowd (aka "The Horde") was to drop his present on his doorstep real early in the morning.

While I was in downtown Rehoboth Beach I decided to take advantage of being in this very popular east coast beach town and take a walk on the boardwalk.  One big advantage of arriving early in the morning in Rehoboth Beach is that there is very little traffic and you don't have to feed the meters until 10 am.  Another big advantage of going to Rehoboth this early in the morning is that I had a straight shot down Rt. 1 to Rehoboth Beach, which is six miles from where I live north on the east side of 1 near the Broadkill River.  In fact, I made all the red lights on my cruise down Rt. 1 into Rehoboth this morning.  I can't remember the last time I did that, if ever.

After I dropped off Wayne's birthday gift on his doorstep, I headed for the beach.  On my way to the beach  the thought crossed my mine  that he might step out of his doorway and step on the present I left and lose his balance and go tumbling down his stairs.  He is a bit clumsy around stairs.  Oh well, it is in fate's hands now.

I drove my car off of Wayne's little side street and onto Rehoboth Avenue down to the bandstand.  I decided to park on the road which is Wilmington Avenue.  As I get out of my car and look towards the boardwalk, I see a few hardy souls out for their morning walk.  The sea breeze gently wafting in from the ocean was still somewhat cool.  The humidity hadn't arrived yet.  Stepping on the boardwalk I see the morning sun just beginning to rise over the Atlantic Ocean.  I get out my Canon Powershot A560 camera and take a few iconic pictures for this blog.  I love taking pictures, especially of sunrises and sunsets.  As all dedicated photographers know the early morning and late afternoon light is the best time to capture those heavenly colors of nature.  Pictures taken at high noon don't make it, they always look washed out.

View of Rehoboth Beach from the Boardwalk this morning before the sun was up

After taking a few pictures I start my Morning Walk on the boardwalk.  I was taught this about five years ago by a friend who always took a brisk morning walk on the boardwalk to stay in shape.  He is the same age as I am and is in great shape.  I want to stay in great shape too.  I am in great shape if I don't mind saying so (bragging here.)  I find that walking is the absolute best exercise.

I see people jogging. I can't see all that banging on my joints.  That must take a toll after a while.  In fact, I knew several people who used to jog but quit after they had to have knee replacements.  I'm having enough replaced as it is (teeth.)  I don't need to put any more stress on this one body I have because I want to make it last for a long time.  Besides, these people who jog don't look like they are enjoying themselves.  They look like they're in pain.  And who needs all that sweat.  I sweat enough as it is.

Almost empty boardwalk this morning with two lone joggers

After traversing the length of the boardwalk, I did something I rarely do.  I walked down on the beach.  Yes, I put my Nike sneakers in sand.  I walked right to the shoreline.  There were a few people on the beach.  The usual guy who is operating his metal detector.  Some early couples sitting in the life guard chairs, taking advantage of that high vantage point before the lifeguards arrived for duty.  And the seagulls.  Plenty of seagulls looking for a handout.  I would have brought something with me to feed them but I think it is against the law.  Rehoboth Beach has a LOT of rules and restrictions.  I don't want to run afoul of any of them.  I am a good citizen.

Squatters at the lifeguard station early this morning waiting to greet the sun

I took a few more pictures of the sunrise on the beach then I headed back to my car.  It was starting to get hot and humid.  The sea breeze wasn't helping now that the sun had risen over the horizon.

Me at Rehoboth Beach this morning at sunrise

Time to head back home.  But not before stopping in the Giant supermarket and picking up some fresh, local produce and ice cream sandwiches.  I hear it's going to be another scorcher today.

Fresh produce at Giant this morning


  1. Ron, found you through "The Cajun". Wished him a happy birhtday and now wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your post today.
    I'll keep watching.

  2. What beautiful pictures. Sometimes I really miss the East Coast.

  3. Fun post and I love Rehoboth... I visited the first time this June!

    Michael and I are still in our infancy at 2 years, but we will last!



  4. Mark,
    Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. Sam,
    The sun rises on our ocean. It is a beautiful sight. I never tire of it.

  6. Tom,
    Next time you and Michael visit Rehoboth let me know. Let's have lunch. :)


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