Wednesday, July 21, 2010

E-mail Cleanup

A few days ago I was showing my friend Bob C. how to access his e-mail on his new Mac laptop computer.  I signed in to my e-mail account.  Up pops my AOL account with 749 messages!  Bob says "You have 749 e-mails messages?"  Understandably he was surprised.  Mr. Neat and Organized here (that would me me) has a backlog of 749 e-mail messages.  Yes, it was true.  Guilty as charged.

At one time (I think about a year ago), I was caught up.   But I fell behind again when my almost new (only a year and a half old) Dell computer crashed.  Then, combined with my work schedule at the hotel, springtime and all that involves in backyard work, our trip south and whatever else excuse I can grasp, I fell behind again in keeping my e-mails current.  There is no excuse except that I got lazy.

Well, this morning there are no more excuses.  It is time to clean up my e-mails.

Most of my e-mails are notifications of postings from my Facebook friends or automatic notifications of new recipes.  I used to get a lot of news bulletins but I stopped those because by the time I read them, it was old news.  Then there are the notices of sales at J. C. Penney, Kohls, Yankee Candle and all those other stores I so thoughtlessly gave my e-mail address to when I made a purchase at their place of business.

Time to clean up.  I am being inundated.  I cannot keep up.

Last week I decided it is time for me to write my (now don't laugh) ..........memoirs.  My autobiography.  My Story. The Book.  I find I can't do this with a clear mind until I clear my desk (e-mails) off.  Then I'm ready to plunge in the adventure and journey that was my life of the past 68 years.

This is my Twilight Time.  I'm wrapping it up folks.  I'm getting my thousands of photographs in order (scanning.)  I'm getting all my old letters (the ones that I saved) out of their dusty storage of the past fifty years.  I'm scanning my memory (or what's left of it anyway) for stories and anecdotes for my book.

As the picture on this blog posting indicates, there may be a lot of clutter in my life but I have it all organized....sort of.  Now is the time.  


  1. Ron,

    i really like the photograph. I like the colors, the lighting and the composure.


  2. Thank you Larry. It's funny but sometimes the best pictures are by happenstance. I didn't set the composure up on this picture. It was accident that I saw this opportunity for this picture. I was unpacking some boxes and put some of the item son the makeshift desk between my bookcases that I have in the basement. I had left these items on the desk to sort out later. One day I happened to be in the basement at the end of the day just as the sun was setting. At that time of day the sun steams through one of the basement windows and shines against the wall where my bookcases are and that desk shelf. I liked the way the light was shining on it so I got my camera and captured the moment. Isn't the the way of the best pictures? They are rarely planned. I love light and shadow pictures too. This one is especially poignant to me because it is anchored by my dopey first grade picture when I was all innocence. Remember those days? When we were innocent? A long, long time ago. You're probably the only person who reads my blog who appreciates all this picture has to say.

    I've been looking at your picture that you post to "Larry, aka The Kind and the Old Goat" and I notice that I am attracted to almost everyone. We both have the same artistic sense Lar. You have more writing talent but we both have that same sense of light and composure.

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Hi Ron,

    I really like the pic on this blog. I'm so into tablescaping & this table with the light shining on it is amazing.

    Have you ever had a dining experience at Meding & Co. in Milford? My husband & I are going Sat. as we hear their crabcakes are to die for. I hope we aren't disappointed. I'm always searching for the ultimate crabcake. So far, none can even compared with my grandmother's from St. Michaels. Not that I want it duplicated I'm just hoping to find one that's close. I haven't even been able to do it. Maybe I don't want to really find one, it's the chase that's exciting.

    Have a great weekend & stay cool!!!


  4. Fran,

    Thanks for the compliment. As I said to my friend Larry, I didn't set this up for a picture. I just happened to have some items I took off my bookshelves to make room for more books and I put them on the shelf between the bookcases. One late afternoon, as I was walking out of the basement (this is in my finished basement), the late afternoon sunlight was streaming through the small half window in the basement and just happened to hit this shelf. I thought it would make an interesting picture which it did. Just goes to show you, sometimes thing happened by can't plan them.

    No I haven't dined at Meding & Co in Milford. I'll have to put it on my list. I'm not a seafood or crabcake kind of person but several places in Lewes claim they have the best crabcakes. But then, doesn't every restaurant?

    Let me know how the crabcakes are in Milford.



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