Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Day in My Life

Life in southern Delaware took a definite turn for the better today! After a long, hard, cold winter we are all more than ready for sunny skies and warm temperatures. Today was such a day.

After breakfast I got in my freshly washed ’98 red Subaru Forester and headed down to Rt. 1 to the Safeway shopping strip. I was hoping that my barber Dino was working today. Behinds the beauty shop Essentials is a small barber shop. Dino only works two days a week. I always forget which days he works. I walk through Essentials to the barber shop in the back and I see a woman barber. Dino is off today. I don’t get my hair cut by women barbers. They never do it right. Dino will be in tomorrow. I will return tomorrow.

Next stop is the Giant supermarket on the other side of Rt. 1. I could stop in Safeway for my shopping but I don’t like Safeway. The store is dark, their products are overpriced and the store employees aren’t customer friendly. This is the result of a business that employees union members.

I like Giant. The store is brightly lit, they have a wide range of products and most of them are reasonably priced. The store employees are customer friendly.

“Hey Ron!” I turned to see who was calling my name. It was my friend The Cajun. As I passed him earlier with my shopping cart I thought he looked a lot like my friend The Cajun. And lo and behold it was him. He was also in a great mood because of the weather. I haven’t seen him since the back to back blizzards. All of us have been a prisoner in our homes, just getting through this horrible winter.

We both pulled our shopping carts to the side in order to catch up on the news. Of course right away we were in the way of a couple of Golden Oldies. No matter where we moved we were in the way of this pair. They kept creeping up on us like the Night of the Living Dead.

I shouldn’t complain. One of the things I hate when I’m shopping are folks blocking the aisle while they’re catching up on the news. But now the tables were reversed. I’m getting annoyed. My friend reminded me “We are in a grocery store where people are shopping Ron.” Of course he was right.  He usually is.  He is The Cajun.

I took some pictures (I always have my digital camera with me.) My flash kept going off when I didn’t want it to. Finally my friend said “No more pictures.” There I go. Now I’m being annoying.

We agreed that maybe Giant wasn’t the best place to have a mini-reunion and we agreed to get together later. There is a new restaurant in Rehoboth called “Go Fish” that I’m anxious to try. Maybe we can arrange to have lunch together there before the horde of tourists descend on Rehoboth.

I’ve already went over my allotment for words for this blog posting so I will have to wrap this up.

I got home, trimmed back my Pampas Grass, had lunch, took a nap, was awoken from my nap by my neighbor Barbara banging on my garage door, invited Barbara in for a visit, Barbara leaves, my brother John from South Carolina calls, we discuss our Mother who he is taking care of, we finish our conversation, I clean out the eight bird baths I have in my back yard, I take my walk in the development behind where I live, I return and tell Bill (my partner) about Barbara’s visit, Bill goes downstairs to watch “Cops”, and go into my office and turn on my computer and here I am…….updating my blog. There it is; a quick synopsis of this day in my life.

I love my life.


  1. Mike,

    Today is different. A filling fell out of one of my front teeth. Now I look like Alfred E. Newman.


  2. But not in a funny way. Well he does have orange hair.

  3. Mike,

    Damn, he does doesn't he? :)



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