Saturday, January 30, 2010

White Out

We were warned. They said it was going to snow today. It's snowing. Sideways.

It wasn't supposed to be like this when we moved to southern Delaware. We were told it rarely if ever snowed down here. And when it did snow it only stayed for a day.

Well, this is the THIRD snow this year. This is getting old.

Oh sure, it's pretty and everything. Maybe if I was a kid with a sled and there were some hills down here I would go sledding. But I'm an old man who can't be bothered by this impediment to my normal activity.

Wouldn't you know it? I bought tickets over the phone yesterday to the first Camp Chorus in Rehoboth Beach tomorrow night. Reminds me of last year when I bought tickets ahead of time for the Lewes Garden Tour only to have the skies open in a monsoon downpour the day of the tour. Of course the tickets were non-refundable.

I have to admit all the white stuff is pretty. Sort of reminds me of our days in Pennsylvania. The change of seasons is nice. But I did just wash my car from the salt and gunk from the last snow storm.

Oh spring, where are you?


Nitewrit said...


Yeah, all we had in the forecast was snow showers and flurries. Right! It started falling about three, i guess. I went in and took a bath. I come out at four and look out. Everything is white and this fine snow is just streaming down. Left for dinner about five and went to a fairly nearby restaurant, Stanley's. Came out about seven and its still snowing heavily.

When we left home to go there was an accident right on our street. car parked just above my drive was all smashed in on his right side. I don't know if he skidded coming down the hill and hit cars parked on the other side or if some one hit him. Police were just arriving as we left.

Roads were kinda slick. Took it easy and we made it out and back okay. Did discover when we got to the restaurant that my left rear turn signal isn't working. maybe it is burned out or just loose.

This is not what I call a snow shower. This is a snow fall. Only 14 degrees out, too, so some icing with it.


Ron Tipton said...


Snow shower indeed. That was also the forecast down here, "some light snow." HA! Looks like a whiteout to me. And here we're supposed to go out tomorrow night for a Guy's Night Out. Figures.