Friday, January 08, 2010

The Morning Surprise

This is the scene I awoke to this morning. Yes, that is snow.

While it is not the usual “4 to 6 inches”, it is still enough to cause me pause in taking my daily ride out of my development.

Yesterday I didn’t go out at all. Normally I go out everyday, if only to take a ride. While I love my home I have to get out and about.

When I go out I usually end up shopping. That is a habit I have to control this year since my hours have been cut back at the hotel where I work part time.

This morning I was going to deliver an oil space heater to friends who live right on Delaware Bay. That was my excuse to get out today.

The white stuff has put that plan on hold. I’m not big on driving in the snow and ice. That was one of the main reasons I moved to southern Delaware. Very little snow falls down here unlike where I lived in Pennsylvania where the snow hung around until early spring.

This is the second snowfall within two weeks. That’s enough.


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Ron said...

It's gone Mike. That's what I like about southern Delaware. When it does snow, it's usually gone by the next day.