Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Massachusetts Election

Scott Brown, the Republican candidate, won the senatorial election last night to replace Senator Ted Kennedy.

A Republican winning this election is a major upset in the heavily Democratic state of Massachusetts.

Now all the talking heads in media and the know-it-alls inside the Washington Beltway are saying Obama’s agenda is threatened. My question is what agenda?

President Obama was elected a year ago with the promise of “change we can believe in.” Where is that change?

All I see is the same old, same old. I see a president and a Congress of both political parties that are still dancing to the tune of their corporate masters.

The only thing positive that I can say about the presidency of Barack Obama is that he has improved our moral standing in the world by his less bellicose attitude towards the rest of the world. With that one exception I can see no change between Obama’s administration and the previous, disastrous Bush administration.

Bill Clinton was right on his assessment of Obama’s during the presidential campaign: “This is all a fairy tale.”

It is folks. Don’t believe anything any of them have to say. It’s all a lie.

That said, God help us if the Republicans get back in power.

The Democrats have no backbone but at least they’re not working on trashing the system and leaving us all to our own devices.

Every day I thank my lucky stars (I don’t believe in God) that I’m not just starting out in this life.

It won’t be too long now before I’m eating dirt pies. In the meantime I’ll try to hang on to what I have before the Republicans get back in power. Because make no mistake about it, as bad as the Democrats are at least they’re not out to screw the middle and lower class in this country like the Republicans.


  1. He's a whore. That's all I have to say.

  2. Mike,
    Now tell us what you REALLY think. :)


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