Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here We Go Again

For the last several months I have notice that I cannot watch a You Tube video without it pausing. I’ve also noticed that the past several months that my Internet downloads take a long time to download. Here we go again. I’m about to do battle with my Internet service provider, Verizon.

Sunday I did a speed test. As I suspected my Internet speed wasn’t up to 3 MB as I was promised and what I’m paying Verizon for monthly. Instead my Internet speed varies between 200 and 500 kbps. This isn’t the high speed Internet service I’m paying for.

Here we go again. Sunday I started the series of phone calls that is necessary to resolve this problem. I don’t to bore the readers of this blog with all the hoops I had to jump through until I got a real person. The “real person” was Sanjay in India. Someone who I could hardly understand his English. That torturous phone conversation ended with Sanjay telling me I had too much on my Startup and that was affecting my Internet speed. I’m not a techie but I knew this was a ridiculous explanation.

Yesterday I took the plunge again and called Verizon. Again, I jump through all the hoops until I finally got a real person. This time it was a man from Canada. At least I could understand him. Again, I answered all the questions on his script. We did another speed test which confirmed that my Internet speed is SLOW.

This time he’s going to write up a ticket. Then he transfers me to a real technician. This guy is Mr. Smooth. At the end of the conversation, after I answer all the same questions and go through another speed test, he says “Someone will contract me if it is NECESSARY to do so.” What? I DON’T HAVE THE INTERET SPEED THAT I AM PAYING FOR!

After almost three hours on the phone yesterday morning, I am no further along than I was when I made my first phone call on Sunday.

So now I await the call from Verizon.

I’ve been here before. When I first moved here in November of 2006 I went through the nightmare of Comcast. I dumped Comcast and got Verizon. That is my only choice in the area, Comcast or Verizon. That is some choice isn’t it? That’s competition.

Stay tuned.


  1. Ron,

    Always something isn't it? Came home from men's Bible Study Sunday and noticed a truck down the street. Didn't think too much of it. Came in and Lo said our don't drink the water it was all discolored. It sure was, an ugly brown color. Turned out the water main had broke from the cold. Was right by the drive of the house just below us. Had United Water crews out all evening then digging and repairing.

    I had to run our Monday morning and buy a couple jugs of water to make coffee and other cooking needs, plus got some small bottled water to drink. Water is finally getting back to normal after two days. I took a bath yesterday afternoon and the water was yellow. Little disquieting to bathe in something that resembled urine. Fortunately it didn't turn me yellow and it didn't smell.

    Good luck on with Verizon. That's why I dropped a couple years back, lousy service and continuing problems they couldn't figure out.


  2. Lar,

    Sorry to hear of your water problems. Yes you're right, it always does seem to be something.

    Your comment about Verizon "lousy service and continuing problems they couldn't figure out" describes perfectly what is happening with me now. Yesterday I had a service technician in but she couldn't figure out why 3 MB is coming in from the outside and yet on the inside I get only 520 kbps. My Computer Guy is here this morning. See if he can figure it out. Now, after the visit yesterday I can't sign on to the Internet with my new computer but I can with this one (my old Gateway.) I hate to go to Comcast because their charges are ridiculous ($65 the last time I had them for computer service versus $30 for Verizon.) I may go with Hughes (satellite.) I'll see what my Computer Guy comes up with this morning and then make a decision. So frustrating. When I had Verizon FIOS I had excellent service. Verizon DSL is another whoe story.


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