Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feeding the Seagulls

Yesterday when I was at the Walmart in Rehoboth Beach I noticed a gaggle of seagulls hunched down by the fast food restaurants trying to stay warm. That reminded me that I had some food to get rid of. I had two different types of cinnamon flavored cereals and a weird flavored bag of Doritos chips that didn’t agree with my taste buds. Fortunately seagulls aren’t as touchy as I am about food. So, first thing this morning I was off down Route 1, fighting the sun glare to sprinkle my unwanted food to the freezing sea gulls. As the pictures attests, they were most appreciative.

This is Day Ten of the New Year and I am making great progress in unpacking, sorting, organizing and tossing out what remained of my packed items from my move down here in November of 2006.  I still have a long way to go. I must admit I do feel better having finally broken the logjam and my inertia. A box I unpacked yesterday was one I had packed from my previous move from Philadelphia to Downingtown in 1980. Wow. Now you know I didn’t need those items. But I’m keeping them anyway. Two of the items were Disneyworld figurines. One was Goofy (my favorite) and the other “Lady” of Lady and the Tramp. I placed them, along with my other kotchkees, in my bookcase. I do not depart with my knick knacks. This is a trait in inherited from my Mother. When I’m dead and gone someone can come in here and have a fabulous estate sale like my great aunt Grace had when she died. I still have some of her stuff. But for now I'm keeping all these dust collectors.

Last night I wanted to relax to a good movie. Lately I’ve went through a string of God awful movies from Netflix.

Friday night I watched “The Woodsman” with Kevin Bacon. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It’s about a child predator. Really? Is this entertainment? And Kevin Bacon? A wannabe Sean Penn. Kevin has a certain charm but I have yet to find it. And to top it off his real life wife Kyra Sedgwick played his love interest. While Kyra is a fine and interesting actress, did I really want to watch Kev and Kyra sucking on each other’s face and wriggling and moaning naked in bed? This is entertainment? And it was downright creepy watching Kevin’s character ogling the young schoolgirls on the bus he took to work. I bailed out when he followed one into the park where she was bird watching? This is entertainment?

Last night I tried to watch something called “The Frozen River.” It was supposedly the recipient of all kinds of “independent” award. Just what is an “independent” award anyway? This was another dreary, depressing movie about a Mom trying to support her two young sons near the Canadian border. She accidently stumbles into smuggling Chinese across the border. Sounds like an interesting premise but man oh man. The acting was atrocious, especially the Mohawk Indian woman who introduced the Mom into smuggling. Somebody was kidding themselves into thinking this was avant-garde. Something else I don’t understand. What’s with all the smoking? I don’t know, maybe I was in a bad mood. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t in the mood for either one of these movies.

The next Netflix movie on my agenda is “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock. I need to see a movie that makes me laugh and not get me depressed.

I find that since renting movies from Netflix my tastes seem to go from a good murder mystery, historical dramas, suburbia slice of life situations, and romantic comedies (as long as they aren’t too ridiculous.) What I don’t like are slasher movies with buckets of blood and gore (that’s entertainment?), depressing documentaries (I can look all around my real life for drama and depression if I feel the need to get depressed) and animated cartoons. Sorry, I’m not a cartoon person, three D or not.

I have several projects I’ve been putting off that I probably should get to since I now am in full time retirement. One I converting my VHS tapes to a DVD format. That should be very interesting. The other is to figure out how to transfer my Palm data base from my old computer with a Windows XP to my new computer (the one I’m on now) with Windows Vista. As luck would have it I was one of those fools who bought a new computer with Windows Vista, which I’ve had nothing but frustration and problems with ever since I got it. I was also one of the “fortunate” few who bought a new computer with Windows Me. Remember that baby? I had to finally give the computer away because I couldn’t get it to work no how, no way. Even though I had “premium support” with Dell, it was all for naught. So why would I go and buy a new Dell computer with Windows Vista? Oh I don’t know, maybe I’m a glutton for punishment or maybe I didn’t believe that Mr. Softee (Bill Gates himself) could fool me twice. What was it that our former president Double You said?

“ Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.” George W. Bush

I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I do miss that clown.

By the way, I know I’m not following the rule of writing a good blog. Keep it on subject and be concise. As you notice, I write whatever comes into my mind. Hopefully it is of some interest to the reader. I know it makes me feel better writing about it. Right now I’m in a down mood. Maybe it’s the weather. These cold, short days of winter aren’t my favorite time of year. I like the long, warm, days of summer. I know those days are coming. That’s what keeps me going.

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