Monday, January 25, 2010

A Day to be Retired

The wind is howling.

The rain is horizontal.

I'm retired.

This is one of those lovely days when I cherish being retired. No venturing outside my warm and cozy domicile today.

I'll catch up on a few e-mails. Check Frank Rich and some other Sunday columnists.

I'll have a little lunch (Doritos and my special homemade chicken salad on high grain and fiber bread) while I check the noontime cable talking heads on MSNBC.

Then it's time for my nap.

When I awake it will be time to check my e-mail and Facebook messages again.

Then my evening lineup of liberal talk shows begins at 4 o'clock on MSNBC with the Dylan Rattigan show followed by Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews (again, sometimes I watch it twice), Keith Olbermann and then Rachel.

Sometime in between Keith and Rachel I'll have my dinner of Caesar salad followed my a slice (or two) of the Quiche Lorraine that I made on Saturday will dollops of raspberry jam (on top of the quiche, that's the way I like it.)

After my evening lineup of shows on MSNBC, I'll take in one of my Netflix movies (one is expected to arrive today, I'm on the three put at a time DVD plan, thinking about going on the four out at a time DVD plan.)

Then it's time for my daily journal entry.

After my daily journal entry I treat myself to a dessert before I go to bed (heedless of all the warnings about eating before you go to bed. My weight has stayed constant (155-165) for my entire adult life.) Tonight my dessert will be a slice (or two) of my homemade (from scratch) apple pie that I made last night.

Oh, lest I forget. Somewhere in between my early evening talk shows on MSNBC, I take my daily shower (usually before I eat which is before Keith Olbermann comes on at 8 o'clock.)

After my late evening snack, I brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I always have a book or two that I am currently reading.

The two locations of my books are one in the bathroom (i.e. “Reading Room”) and the other is located in the bookcase headboard of my bed. The book in my bed bookcase headboard is the Barbara Walters autobiography "Audition" that my neighbor Barbara (no relation) loaned to me. Surprisingly it is very good for an autobiography.

My book in the bathroom is "Ever After", a biography written by Anne Edwards of Princess Diana. This is I think the fourth Princess Diana biography I've read but they never get old. This one is so good that sometimes I bring it to my bed bookcase headboard and read it until I go to sleep.

Thus, this is one of my typical days retired when the weather is furious outside.

Now wouldn't you know it?

The sun just came out.

This may cause a change in my plans. I may go out after all.

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