Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buyer's Remorse

To all my friends who said "I told you so." Okay, I admit it. Obama isn't all that. In fact, he's not much of anything except just another politician who doesn't get it.

I voted for him because I believed in his campaign motto "Change you can believe it." So where is the change? Looks like more of the same to me.

The only tangible change I see is that Obama did lessen the tension between us and the rest of the world. Gone is the Cowboy, in your face diplomacy of the George W. Bush regime. No more that arrogant dumb ass Donald Rumsfeld calling our European allies "Old Europe" just because they didn't buy into our unnecessary war against Iraq. The rest of the world doesn't hate us now. No more Darth Vader Dick Cheney emerging from his Undisclosed Location to threaten to bomb yet another Arab country.

But how about at home? Are we any better here? I don't see it. Obama is continuing the Bush policy of eavesdropping on domestic phone conversation. Obama has done nothing to stop the terrible wasteful practice of discharging gay members of the armed forces. At least he could put a hold on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" until Congress gets around to repealing that stupid law. And forget DOMA. Obama still believes that marriages should only be between “a man and a woman.” So what does that make me and my partner of the last forty six years? Chopped liver? I don’t have to have the word “marriage” but we’ll take the same legal and tax benefits that are accorded automatically to heterosexual couples when they get married.

Obama and his administration are trying to pass a health bill that doesn't include a public option thus preventing any competition in the health insurance and pharma industry. However, the bill does include mandatory insurance for those who don't have insurance, thus guaranteeing 30 to 40 million new customers to the health and insurance industry crooks who continue to be exempt from anti-trust laws. Obama is willing to pass the current version of the health bill just to say he did something, even though it will probably be worse for all of us.

Obama is kowtowing not only to the Chinese prime minister (that was a deep bow wasn't it?) but also to the Wall Street banks so they can continue to rob the American public blind. Did you all see that kiss ass congressional hearing of the big bankers last week? Obama talks tough but doesn’t do anything to make the bankers hurt, and they know it.

I hate to say it but I’m afraid that everyone who opposes Obama knows that he can be rolled. And they’re doing it.

Where is the "change we can believe in?" All I know is that I don't have a job now. It doesn't matter that Obama didn't keep his promise to exempt senior citizens (of which I am one) from payroll taxes. In my case it doesn't matter anyway because I'm not working now due to the slow economy. I'm "on call" from work. When we get guests start staying at the hotel, then I guess I go back to work but I'm not holding my breath.

I for one am tired of seeing Obama (or any other president for that matter) sitting in a children's classroom reading a Dick and Jane (or "My Pet Goat") book to them. Since when does a president have time to do that kind of useless activity? Is the presidency all about photo ops?

By the way, here is a message to the Republicans who are already licking their chops at the prospect of Obama failing and them getting back into power. . Just because Obama is failing doesn't mean that the majority of the American public is going to buy into their philosophy of cutting taxes for the rich and eliminating government services just so they can line their pockets. With their actions of the past year they have shown that all they care about is bringing the president down and getting back into power themselves for their own selfish reasons. Don't kid yourselves, the Republicans care nothing about the average American either. Put them back in power and they will pick up screwing the average American like they did the past eight years.

Obama this past year by his actions (or more appropriately non action) has proved that he is just another politician who makes empty promises during the campaign then gets into office he continues business as usual. Where is the “change we can believe in?”

What a disappointment.


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    While I agree with you on most points, I disagree on the economy. I think he did a great job on keeping us out of a depression. Did he spend too much money? Who knows. What he did was stop the Republian induced train to economic disaster. That alone should give him another term. If the Democrats in Congress could quit being so self serving, maybe some of the other issues you care about would get passes.

  2. There was no way he was ever going to be able to live up to the hype.

    When Tony Blair came to power in the UK after 18 years of the Conservatives in power, I dared to let myself hope. Unfortunately the moment he decided to side with Bush he lost his credibility.

    However, while Obama may not have turned out to be Superman after all, at least he isn't Dick Cheney. And imagine what state the world would be in now if Cheney had won

  3. I;ll give him two more years to get things in order. If by then we are still stuck in the mud then I will be looking for another President to take his place. By the way, John Edwards is a douche bag.

  4. Mike,

    I'm with you. Edwards is unbelievable isn't he? Wow. What a liar.


  5. Anonymous,

    I will backtrack a bit on my blog posting about Obama's first year. Yes, he did keep us out of a recession. However, he has to be bolder and more of a leader to take on the Republicans and their part of "NO!" He wants to be bipartisan with them but it won't work. They only want to see him fail. Obama has to show more backbone.

  6. Kim,

    You're right. Obama is no Dick Cheney. Thank God for that! At least he turned around the world's hatred towards our country. Now if he can only show some willingness to take on the Republicans who only want to see him fail. He has to show more strength than he has up to now. The Republicans will stop at nothing to tear him down.

  7. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Welcome to the TEA Party. We're glad you are here.

  8. RightCoast,

    Thanks for the welcome to the TEA Party but I'm not one of those who thinks carrying signs of Obama with a Hitler moustache is smart. I'm not a McCain (the crazy, bitter, vindictive old man) supporter either.



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