Sunday, January 03, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Wow, it is COLD outside! What a way to start off the New Year. I remember back when I was living in Philly and we used to go out to see the Mummer’s Parade. Of course in those days we were fortified by alcohol so the cold wasn’t quite as biting as it is today.

Yesterday Bill and I took a little shopping expedition to the new and reconfigured Walmart in Rehoboth Beach. We frequent all the Walmarts in the area. Georgetown and Milford both have Super Walmarts which we shop at often. Then there is Sam’s Club in Dover. We shop at them all in spite of the fact they don’t offer domestic partner benefits and that the employees aren’t unionized. That doesn’t matter to me, period. I shop for quality and price. That I get at Walmart. I make no apologies for shopping at Walmart.

I hope the rest of the day goes better than this morning. First thing I couldn’t open a You Tube video a friend sent to me because my Java script was disabled. Gee, I wonder how that happened. Oh, perhaps it was because my sister-in-law sent me one of her photo presentations that screwed up my software. While I love my sister-in-law, every time she sends me one of these fancy dancy photo presentations (this of my Mother and her birthday party and Christmas celebration), my computer suffers. I had to make a call to my boss at the hotel to walk me through with resetting my Java script. I got it working now thank goodness. He saved me $$ from having to call my regular Computer Guy. Since I’m not working this year I have to watch every $$.

Next thing I check my e-mails. I see where there is a message from my niece. She kindly asked me to remove pictures that I had posted to my Facebook album of her first marriage. That marriage ended badly so I can understand her concern. One thing I do find interesting. Most people I know who have had relationships that have ended badly usually try to rewrite history as if it never happened. Why is that? Control? Oh well, I will honor her request. I have found this a problem when updating my genealogy records as well. Even to the point where one of my cousins didn’t want me to record the name of her first child because she gave her up for adoption. That doesn’t mean the child didn’t exist.

Maybe it’s me. I have also had bad relationships and parts of my life I wouldn’t want to relive but that doesn’t change the fact that it was part of my life. To me, trying to bury an unpleasant part of your past doesn’t work. It keeps bobbing up. It’s sort of like the situation with Tiger Woods hiding out now because he got caught philandering big time. He thinks if he hides long enough, everyone will forget and the record of his selfishness will go away. Hey Tiger ain’t going to happen! You are now officially a liar and a scumbag. 

I’m making great strides in my continuing job of cleaning out my basement storage room. I’m finding all kinds of goodies. That’s where the wedding pictures of my niece came from. I’ll just have to be more careful in the future with what memories I find that I share. Someone seems to always be taking offense to what I post.  Pictures, videos, whatever.  There appears to be a lot of sensitive folk out there in the Internet world.  Who am I going to offend next?


nitewrit said...


Seeing you there with that shopping cart brings to mine my experience with one such contraption yesterday. I went to Petsmart to acquire the food and litter for this month. I come out, pushing my cart into the drive between store and parking lot and suddenly the back of the cart came apart.

The rear portion of the basket flipped up like the back of a hatch back and I just got a hand under the rear bag before it tumbled out.

I had to push in a bent over posture struggling to hold all the content in the cart until I got to my car, which wasn't very close. Then i had to offload carefully. I didn't want a pile of bursted fallen bags at my feet.

Never had a cart do that before and hope I never do again. Shame you weren't about to get the picture. I'm sure it was hilarious.


Ron said...


You know me well! Oh yes, I would have loved to have a picture, or even better, a video of your trying to save those bags from falling out of your cart and bursting open when they hit the ground. That video would definitely been worthy of a blog posting.