Friday, January 29, 2010

Avatar Take Two

One thing I got from the movie “Avatar” was a reminder that we are all inhabiting bodies which are “avatars” for our true selves.

From my earliest memory I have always had the feeling that I was on the inside looking out of my body.

Some years ago I saw a movie called “Being John Malkovich” which explored this very theory of transporting ones soul into another’s body and looking out through that body.

This is a view I haven’t expressed very often because I a personal basis. When contrary views are expressed they feel threatened and feel compelled to “save” me from myself by kicking into their evangelical mode to pray for forgiveness of my “sin.” They default to the obedience factor of their religion.

My time in this body shell which I have inhabited for the past 68 years is coming to an end. The old body isn’t what it used to be. Like an old car, it’s starting to show its rust spots. Different parts are showing weakness and starting to fail.

What happens now? Our culture has taught us to hang on until we run out of steam completely and stop. Hopefully this process isn’t too painful and we’re not a burden on others. That is a bridge that is yet to be crossed.

Looking back over the past 68 years I have to see I have been very happy with the “avatar” that was supplied for me. Early on I was somewhat disappointed by my bodily image but as I grew older I realized that attitude was caused more by others towards me (read “father”) than reality. Once I got away from the smothering, negative influences of my home life and out on the world stage I discovered that I wasn’t as bad and I was constantly told by my father.

Would I have made changes if I were to repeat the past 68 years again? I probably would. But that isn’t the way life works. We’re given this one body (avatar) to use during the learning process that is our earthly existence. What we do with it is our own free will.

We can choose a path that is dictated by others either through their manipulation by book (Bible) or force of character. That is our choice. We can choose to do good or evil. It is my belief that most of us are hard wired not to do evil but rather provide a balance to those forces of evil that do exist in the world.

That is what I got from the movie “Avatar”, the forces of good against evil. That is the genius of this movie. Not only did it show how humans can slip into another body but how they can triumph over evil. Yes, the movie “Avatar” to me was more than special effects, it was about Life.


  1. Mike,

    Ironically, I was just thinking about you buddy when I made this posting. I'm glad we're on the same wave length. I have a good feeling about you.



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