Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost Too Much To Comprehend

As more becomes known of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, it is almost too much to comprehend.

This poor country and its people, which had little before the earthquake now has nothing but death and destruction.

Two things:

1) It makes you wonder why bad things seem to happen to poorest and most defenseless.

2) It makes you realize how fortunate we are to live the lives we live.

Sometimes I get caught up in my minor “problems.” Recently I had an Internet speed problem (which has now been resolved.) After something like this I am reminded that I live in one of the best countries on the face of this planet. Whatever my little “problems” they pale in comparison to the hell on earth that exists this day for too many of our fellow human beings.

Ironically, the other Big Story of the day is the billions of dollars of bonuses that will be distributed to many of the big banks which almost brought financial ruin to our country by their reckless behavior. This money is coming from the TARP funds the American taxpayer gave to the banks to prevent them from failing thus taking down our financial system.

Here is a suggestion: Why don’t those greedy, selfish, reckless banks do the right thing and donate their bonuses (which they didn’t earn) to the citizens of Haiti? Again, as is usual the case in massive disasters like this, the first call to help goes out to the average person. While that help is needed and appreciated, let’s put the focus on those who have much and don’t need any more. It’s about time they started to be responsible citizens of this world instead of stealing money from the rest of us by gaming the system. Help someone for once instead of taking.


Nitewrit said...

Bad things do not just happen to the poorest and most defenseless. bad things can and do happen to people of all strata and means. The difference is that often those with means can help themselves to survive the disasters and the poorest can not. That is where we are called in to help.

I cannot be responsible for what others choose to do or not do, only what I choose. I chose to help in my small way. What others do is between them and God.

I have taken a small step to make for a bigger step. I have been playing telephone tag with someone who can help make it a bigger step. If the bigger step can be made I will request my name is not associated with it. It is no one's business what I give to others or how I help anyone. I do not want any more people to ever know than necessary any kindness I do. I try to pay cash whenever I make donations or tithe at church so no one knows where it came from.

I do hope my idea can be put into play under some other's name though.

Just found out some of my fellow church member's relatives have been victims in Haiti. Their aunt has suffered a broken back and other serious injuries. Their Uncle wasn't home when it stuck so the building didn't collaspe on him, but he did have some minor injuries.


Ron Tipton said...

We all have to live with our conscience.......if we have one.

Nitewrit said...

Hey Ron,

Just before five tonight I got a call. I almost didn't answer because the ID was one of the big banks and not one I have any accounts with, but I did pick up. It was a guy referenced to me regarding my Haiti suggestion so it looks like something is going to be done to raise some funds. My goal is at least $3,000, but maybe it will snowball. It'll probably go to the red Cross Effort. Every little bit helps.


Ron Tipton said...

Good Lar!