Friday, January 22, 2010

Adult Plus+

This morning I passed another milestone. I am now officially and Old Person.

A short time ago I hung up the phone after giving my information (and charge card) to join a local “adult” program. In other words, I joined a program of “active adults.” This could be considered euphemism for “something for the old folk to do.”

While I am 68 years old, I have never considered myself “old” (in spite of what I saw in my bathroom mirror every morning when I shaved.) In my mind I am perpetually a 37 year old, handsome, vibrant (if shallow) gay man. Sure, I’ve seen these buses loaded with old people passing me by but I never considered myself “one of them.”

A couple of years ago a friend invited me to accompany him to the Philadelphia Flower Show. I used to live in Philadelphia for many years and still had a friend there. So I jumped at the opportunity to return to my old stomping grounds (where I used to live when I was in my vibrant 30’s.)

The bus left early in the morning from the local community college. As I expected most of the people on the bus were women but they weren’t that old. There was another gay couple who I knew. I didn’t see one walker among the bunch. In fact everyone seemed to be just as “young” as me and just as vibrant and friendly.

The trip to Philadelphia was delightful. I had a super time at the flower show. My friend and I had lunch with my friend who lives in Philadelphia. It was a wonderful day. Hey, I thought. This “old stuff” might not be so bad after all.

However, I was still reluctant to actually join. That would be confirming that I was old. I wasn’t ready to go there yet. At least not until this morning.

A couple of weeks ago my partner (who is 81 years old) received the Adult Plus+ booklet. I took a look through it and saw some classes that I found of interest. I’ve always wanted to learn how to design a web site. They offer that class. There are other classes that I find of interest. I’ve always wanted to learn rudimentary Spanish. They offer that class too.

Then there are the trips. More interest on my part. I could even make these trips myself if I couldn’t get a friend to go with me. I’m not getting any younger so I might as well make some trips before I am either too old or too bewildered to make trips.

Yesterday my friend asked me if I wanted to accompany him to the Philadelphia Flower Show for this year. I thought “why not?” And I thought to myself “Why not join?” Indeed, why not? So I joined this morning.

There was no pain. It didn’t hurt. And I don’t feel any older than I did yesterday. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all. Yes folks, I have yet again crossed another threshold.

Now if I can just keep those ladies away from me. I’m still not a bad looking guy.


nitewrit said...


Okay, so now you put me on the spot where I'm trying to explain something and don't even know where it is coiming from.

We are having dinner and Lo says, "how come you were looking up racy costumes for plus-size women."

I'm like, "what are you talking about?"

She says when she went into the computer room that was what was up on the screen and I'm sitting there thinking I know when I came out of the room I had left something up on the screen. Then I had sat down in the living room to watch what she and Darryl were looking at and I kind of feel asleep, so what had I been doing. I know I was searching for something, but it sure wasn't sexy costumes for heavy women.

Then it hit me. I had just read your post and you mentioned a group that you joined and you had said about an "Adult Plus+" brochure.

I had thought, "Adult Plus+, I've never heard of that group". So I Googled "Adult Plus+", but just as the search list came up, I left the room.

And sure enough, when I came back hear after dinner and called up that search again all I saw was sites for costumes for plus-sized women.

I am probably lucky I didn't get a porn site full of naked heavy-set women.


Ron said...


You dodged a bullet on that one!


Kim Ayres said...

I was about 30 when I realised I'd crossed one of those age barriers. I was looking at these young women wearing ultra short skirts and low top blouses and very little else, walking down the street in the middle of February, and all I could think was, "they'll catch their death and should really wrap up properly in this weather"

Ron said...


Worrying about the young lasses catching their death of a cold was indeed crossing a barrier.

When I was 37 years old I realized I crossed another barrier. From the time I was 21 to 37 I went out almost every Friday and Saturday night on the prowl at the bars. I couldn't wait for the weekends to see what the "hunt" would produce. Then one Saturday night, when they flashed the lights for Last Call, I thought to myself "What am I doing here? I would rather be home sleeping in my nice warm bed." That was over 30 years ago. That was the end of my weekend bar adventures. And thank goodness too. I would hate to be one of those old crocodiles who still hang out at the bars waiting for a crumb to come my way.

Now I'm at the stage if I don't take an afternoon nap, I feel like I have been deprived.

Life is indeed a journey.