Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wine Tasting

A couple of weeks ago a coworker of mine offered me three complimentary tickets to a wine tasting event sponsored by the Red Cross to be held at the new Irish Eyes restaurant.

I've never been to a wine tasting event but I had friends I knew liked wine. I accepted the tickets. I sent an e-mail offering the tickets to my friends. They countered with a suggestion, why don't I join them as the third party? Indeed, why not?

So today I'm ready for a wine tasting event. My concern was that I would drink too much and be a little too tipsy to drive my car home. This thought went though my mind "Would they have little sputum cubs to expel the wine? I wonder how many different types of wine they would have."

I was just a tad off the mark. My first clue was when I drove into the parking lot of the Irish Eyes restaurant. I could hardly find a parking place. Man, this must be some event. I didn't know wine was that popular. Or.........maybe this is more than a wine tasting event.

My next clue was when I checked in the restaurant. I was directed to the second floor to where the event was being held. After handing over my complimentary tickets I was directed to a long table where they would swipe my credit card. What a minute? What's this? I'm automatically going to donate to the Red Cross? Talk about pressure.

I dared to ask why was did they want to swipe my credit card. The answer given to me solved the puzzle. This was for the silent auction. I'm at a fund raising event for the Red Cross. The "wine tasting" was complimentary glasses of Nouveau Beaujolais wine (quite good by the way.) My friends directed me to the long tables gladdened with the items up for the silent auction.

I've never been to a silent auction before. In fact I didn't know how they worked. My fried Larry used to work for the Diabetes Association in Wilmington and he was involved in setting up a silent auction. He never explained to me how it worked. I've seen references to silent auctions in the newspaper but they never explained how they worked. Now I know. Pretty cool.

I quickly reviewed the tables and placed my bids on items I found of interest. I've only been to one auction before in my life and I liked it. This is my first silent auction. I like it too. I have now discovered another weakness. This won't be my last silent auction. 


nitewrit said...


You didn't tell us if any of your bids were successful.


Ron said...

I had four successful bids. They are as follows:

$25 Gift Certificate to The Wharf Restaurant Bid accepted $13

Homemade Gran Marnier Cake $25
Bid accepted $15

$20 Gift Certificate to Lewes Pizza
Bid accepted $15

Fair Lighted Decorative Wine Bottle
$15 Bid accepted $13

I think I placed a total of about 25 bids.

Want to go to a restaurant? My treat. :)

Kim Ayres said...

I've never been to a silent auction either, but I'm donating a photo enhancement - like the one I've just done on my blog - to one raising money for the Reece's Rainbow Christmas Angel Tree Project

Ron said...

Attend a silent auction. I think you would like it. I found it and interesting and efficient way to raise money. As I said to my friends last night "It's a win-win" situation for all involved.


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