Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Organized

After three years I’m finally beginning to attack the roomful of unpacked boxes I have in my basement media room.

You’ve heard of writer’s block? Well, for the past three years I’ve had a block about unpacking those boxes. It was such an enormous effort just to get twenty six years of accumulated possessions packed from the old house that we sold in Pennsylvania. By the time we finally got down here in Delaware I was exhausted. I only unpacked the necessities. The rest I put off “until later.” Later never came.

Over the past three years Bill has frequently reminded me “When are you going to get rid of that junk?” Well “junk” it is not. Granted, most of the packed items I probably don’t need because I haven’t missed them in the past three years. But I’m one of those people who just can’t part with things. I “may need it” in the future. For instance, empty boxes? I may need them if and when I start selling things on EBay, which will probably never happen in my life time but if I do, I’m ready. I have loads of bubble wrap. I’ll probably “need that” too. You never know.

Most of the other items are “things” from my Previous Life. I just can’t bear to part with them. I’ll put that responsibility on the person who cleans out my belongings when I depart this earth. But for now I’m keeping them. They give me comfort. I even found old issues of my school newspaper “The Blue and Gold.” One of them had a picture of me looking oh so serious of my days on the high school track team. I had forgotten all about that picture. It is yellowed and weathered now but I still remember the anguish of my track and field days. I never came in better than last. Those were the days when I really had low self esteem. Oh the Teenage Years, trial and tribulation.

What started me on this Mission Impossible was searching for my old photo negatives. I recently hooked up a new HP Scanjet which scans slides (which I have found) and negatives. I know I have those negatives (every one since I started taking pictures in the Fifties) somewhere. They are in an old Christmas box. And I know I put them in a “safe place.” But as is so often the case, I put it in such a safe place that even I can’t find them now. But I know I’ve seen them since I’ve been down here. That is what is so frustrating. That box is somewhere in this house. But where could it be?

But oh what treasures I am finding emptying and digging through the contents of all those packing boxes. I have found many pictures which I will share with you the “lucky” readers of this blog. Notice how I’m assuming you would even be interested in these pictures? No matter, my blog is partly a function of providing therapy for my mental well being anyway and it would give me pleasure to share these old pictures of my Previous Life with the world. It’s all part of leaving a legacy of my time on this earth.

Even though I haven’t found those negatives (yet) one good thing has come out of this exercise. I have finally burst through the three year mental block of finally unpacking the remaining boxes of our move of November 2006. I’m on a roll now.


G said...

I read this pretty fast, I haven't had my coffee yet. Did I miss what this team was. What sport is it? I think you had said before that you were in track. Am I close?

what sport is it.

nitewrit said...


What events did you do in track? I should have been a miler. I ran a very fast mile at our trials, better than anyone else on the team, even without any training. But I hated to run and that was all distant runners did -- run. I chose two events where the participants did the least running: discus and shotput. I was probably the lightest shotputter on any team we played. I probably putted it the least distance, too.

In the meet against Phoenixville I threw the discus further than anyone. Unfortunately I couldn't hold my balance at the end of the toss and fell out of the ring and was disqualified.

Oh well, our track team didn't win one meet. I enjoyed my time on the track team even if we weren't very good.

But I really should have run that mile.

I emailed you a pic of my on the track team.


Ron said...


I was on the track team at Downingtown High School in 1958, my junior year. I was only on the track team for one year. I ran the high hurdles and the mile run. The track coach asked me to try out and I was flattered. I tried but I didn't do well. In addition to having a very low self-esteem at the time I wasn't physically fit. All skin and bones and no muscle, much like I am now (except with a little pot belly which, much to my dismay, I find I am developing in my twilight years.)


Ron said...


When I was on the track team (junior year only) I ran the high hurdles and the mile. I didn't like running the mile either. My lungs hurt something terrible. My legs were alright but I didn't have the lung capacity. About halfway through the mile I felt like my lungs were burning.

Running the high hurdles, I usually knocked most of them down. I'm not very coordinated. In fact, I'm somewhat clumsy. I'm not athletically inclined (nor mechanically) at all. I can cook and garden. I should have taken Home Economics class instead.

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