Saturday, December 12, 2009

Are We Feeling Christmassy Yet?

Here we are with only two weeks before Christmas. Doesn’t it seem like each year Christmas rolls around even faster? First it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving then it’s Johnny Mathis singing out “Sleigh Ride” at Walmart.

This year I wasn’t even going to put up Christmas lights because I just wasn’t in the Christmassy Mood. But, last week after returning home from our weekly breakfast outing at Zorba’s I decided to put forth an extra effort and go up in the attic and drag out the Christmas lights. Well, we all know how that worked out. I ended up putting my left foot through the ceiling above the kitchen sink.

Undaunted, I put up the Christmas lights outside the front of the house. And if I do say so, they look mighty fine. Bill is putting up more Christmas lights this morning on our shed in the back yard. We’re going for the Cozy Cottage Look out back.

Again this year I’m not putting up a tree in the house. In fact I haven’t put up a tree since we moved here in November of 2006. That first year we moved here it was out of the question. After the trauma of selling our house in Pennsylvania and moving down here (two monster moving vans); the only thing we were thinking about was decompression.

This year I did give serious thought to actually putting a real tree in the house. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh cut evergreen tree in the house. However, putting up a tree would entail me to pull out ALL the Christmas decorations and I am just not into that yet. Besides, we really don’t have company over for the holidays so it doesn’t make much sense to put a tree up. Plus, I’m working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Inn. I’ll take a gander at their tree (which is beautiful by the way – good job Sandi and Monica!) and soak up the Christmas Spirit.

Earlier this week I was at J. C. Penney’s at the Dover Mall in Dover. Round the corner from J. C. Penney’s was the mall Santa (or one of his “helpers” I believe is the correct terminology.) I stopped a bit and observed a dad trying to get his kid revved up for his official Santa picture. I got a kick out of watching the activity. First, the kid didn’t want to be there, that was obvious. In fact the kid looked at me more than he looked at Santa. Then it was obvious that Santa didn’t want to be their either. Take a look at The Look that Santa gave me. I love it! That’s what I really like about Christmas; these little vignettes.

Last year I was at the Laurel Flea Market. Of course the Flea Market Santa is also a step (or two) down from the mall Santa. I took a wonderful picture of that bedraggled Santa but I can’t find it now on my hard drive. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a drive down to the Laurel Flea Market and check out their Santa. I’m getting into the Christmassy Spirit now. Nothing like seeing a flea bitten Santa going “HO! HO! HO!”


  1. Yes, the real spirit of the holiday. People yelling at each other, the constant battle for that parking space. And of course more screaming kids than you can bare, and that's just at the grocery store.

  2. Mike,

    I know what you mean. Our brief foray into the Christmas crowds on Tuesday at the Dover Mall was enough for Bill. I don't like it either. I like a quiet Christmas. Maybe that's why I don't mind working Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It has always been quiet at the hotels were I've worked on those days.

  3. Ron,

    Man, that Santa would scare me!


  4. Lar,

    He actually looks better in the picture. In person he was one scary dude.



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