Friday, November 20, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Like Living in Delaware

Alright, yesterday I listed the Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Living in Delaware.  Today I list the Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Like Living in Delaware.  You know there had to be some.  By the way, these lists will be revised from time to time.

1) No Wegmans (Food Lion? Safeway? Not even close)

2) Too far away from the VA (89 miles now instead of 5 miles)

3) Too far away from a decent sized shopping mall (39 miles instead of 4 miles)

4) Too far away from the Super Wal-Mart (12 miles instead of 4 miles)

5) No hills, flat land (as far as the eye can see)

6) No Struble Nature Trail meandering along the Brandywine Creek (can’t take interesting nature pictures)

7) No woods (can’t take interesting nature pictures)

8) No dermatologists (without waiting at least three months for an appointment, what is THAT? We live at the shore for chrissake)

9) No Brickside Grill (thus no good Chicken Quesadillas or Trivia Night)

10) No Wegmans (oops! I already said that didn’t I? That said, Giant is no Wegmans)


Dione said...

Is Wegmans a specialty grocer? When I think of Food Lion, I think of the south. Giant Eagle, Kroger, and Meijer are what we have here in OH. #4 - being FURTHER from Wal Mart would be on the "what I love" list. LOL.

Ron said...

Wegmans is THE SUPERMARKET. Once you shop at Wegmans you're ruined on any other supermarket. They have EVERYTHING and the service is above and beyond. No one ever stands in line more than five minutes no matter how crowded the store is. Wegmans figured it out, no one likes to wait in line. Everything about the store is outstanding. Wegmans is the main thing I miss about moving to southern Delaware. I'll send you a link to Wegmans website. If you ever have a chance to shop at Wegmans you'll see what I mean.