Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughts on a Rainy Thursday

As the rain and wind swirl around outside the six foot long windows of my home office, I am reminded again of how fortunate I am to live in my warm and cozy home here two miles from the Delaware Bay.

Yesterday my friends Bob and Jim stopped over in the wind and rain to drop off two of Jim's old computers. Jim wants Bill to destroy the hard drive on his computers before he recycles them into the Computer Graveyard up in the sky. They both stayed awhile for a visit in the sun room while the rain and wind continued its incessant attack on the house.  We discussed some of the weighty issues of the day and then they were on their way to rescue their friend Bart's washing machine.  A Mission of Mercy.

My friend The Cajun had invited me out for my birthday dinner at MIXX in Rehoboth Beach last night. I called him and asked for a rain check. I don't like to travel at night and I especially don't like to travel at night on a rain slicked highway reflecting headlights of oncoming traffic. I might as well be traveling blindfolded.

This afternoon I return to work for the first time since my conversation with my manager and the owner of the hotel where I work part-time. My job was posted in the local newspaper. I requested a meeting to ascertain the status of my job. I was assured that I wasn't being replaced but that all options were open. I called the hotel yesterday to confirm the time and was surprised to find a new front desk clerk answered the phone. I guess its audition time. Nothing surprises me now.

While I was typing the above, on the TV behind me there was a short clip of that woman whose face was ripped off by the crazed pet chimpanzee. She is appearing on Oprah today. This is a reminder to me that no matter what problems that I have they pale in comparison to other's problems. I am again reminded of that old quote:

"I had no shoes and I complained until I met a man who had no feet."

No complaints from this quarter on this day of wind and rain.



Hey Ron, you should have asked Wayne for a 'SUNSHINE CHECK' - not a 'rain-check' since you don't like to travel on rainy nights.

It kind of caught me as a funny statement as I read what you said.

Have a good week-end; thanks for your nice e-mails this week.


Ron Tipton said...


You're right, a "Sunshine Check." Thanks!