Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunny Sunday

After what has seemed like a long, dark and bleak two weeks, the sun finally made an appearance today.

I just came back from my walk. I don't remember the last time I took my walk around the development behind where I live, but my legs were telling me it was time for a walk.

I am now refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed. I am ready to face the week ahead.

Days like this are just one more reason why I liked living in southern Delaware. As I type this blog posting I hear the hum of several lawn mowers making their final run for the season on my neighbor's verdant green lawns. Such a sound one would never hear where I previously lived in Pennsylvania this late in the year. That sound is music to my ears.

Soon the cold winds of winter will fall upon the flat coastal plain of this area of Sussex County, Delaware. Today I am enjoying the bonus spring day that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us her in southern Delaware.

Happy Sunny Sunday to everyone!


Kim Ayres said...

Lawn mowers would just flatten the grass and spray water everywhere here...

nitewrit said...


"Verdant green lawns" is redundant. Verdant means "green with grass" or "the bright green color of lush grass". Mrs. Hurloch would not be please.

Up here we hear the sound of lawn mowers as they suck up the fallen detritus of Autumn. This may continue for another week since a few stubborn leaves are refusing to leave the branches refuge, and then perhaps will come the hum and roar of snow blowers. The sunny Sundays will fade into slate gray everydays punctuated by the swirls of white and the bare trees will shiver in the nor'easter squalls.


Ron said...


Whoops! You're right, Miss Hurlock would NOT BE PLEASED. Thank for pointing out my redundancy to me. By the way, I liked your florid comment. Florid? Is that a word? I heard or read it somewhere.

nitewrit said...


And I'm not pleased I left the "d' off and was left with please.

Yeah, florid is elaborately intricate or complicated, or using unusual words or complicated rhetorical constructions.

Its just the mood I'm in these days. I guess its some kind of release from the melancholia I can't seem to escape.