Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mom's New Dress

Mom is now living with my brother John and his wife Barbara in South Carolina. They came up to her home in Pennsylvania to pick her up and take her back with them to their home for the winter.

My brother John is the care pastor at his church. Shortly after Mom unpacked it was discovered that she did not have a dress.

Quick action was called for and my sister-in-law took Mom to the local Marshall's store. Here is Mom in her first dress in years. Mom is looking good.

The only thing her outfit is missing is Mom's crystal necklace. I called my brother Isaac in PA and asked where Mom’s jewelry was. She left all of it in PA.

This week I will go up to PA and inventory her jewelry. All of her jewelry, except her 50th wedding anniversary ring (and I picked that out for my father) are gifts that came from me over the years.

It does my heart good to see my Mom getting dressed up and going out in public and meeting people. Now we just have to put the icing on the cake. She was always had such a big smile when she wore her jewelry out in public. I want to see that smile again.


  1. Ron,

    I am so glad for your mom. I was very upset with what you wrote about the lack of a dress. She looks nice in that outfit.

    She deserves a happy life, I think this was the best thing for her.


  2. Lar,

    You're right, this is the best thing for her. Her life is more fulfilling now. And she does look good in that dress doesn't she? All she needs is an accessory like a corsage or a necklace.


  3. Ron,

    I like the photo you have on your Blog. Is that behind your house? I meant to mention the picture of you on the boardwalk on Halloween is really spooky looking.


  4. You are absolutely right Lar! The current photo on my blog was taken right behind my house in the cul de sac of Whitehall Drive. It was taken last week after the monsoon rains. The "lake" is a retention pond which has now reverted back to its sandy surface. I cross that surface when I take my daily walk back in the development behind me in Oyster Rocks.

    Thanks for the compliment on the boardwalk picture of me in my Red Masque of Death costume. I'm planning next year's costume already. I'm doing Halloween every year now. It's my annual holiday!

  5. Ron,

    It just crossed my mind we could do a version of the Phantom of the Opera. I wore a Phantom of the Opera costume as pictured on my Blog and in the movie and play of the Phantom, he disguised himself and appeared at a party in the Masque of Red Death guise.


  6. I like it Lar! In fact I was looking to purchase a red cape like the Phantom of the Opera wore. You could come down next year and stay at the Inn over Halloween (I could give you a special rate, at least 20% off is you stay two or more days.) Let's do it!


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