Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Meeting

This afternoon I had a meeting with the owner of the hotel where I work. The hotel manager also sat in the meeting.

It was a very frank meeting. "Frank" means that we said what was exactly on our minds. I asked why an ad was placed in the local newspaper for my job without telling me. I was told that the ad wasn't for my job but applied to the whole hotel staff. I said "That isn't the way the ad reads." But I was told again that it applied to the whole hotel staff. The ad was placed to "get our attention." Mission accomplished. It got our attention. This was the proverbial two by four between the eyes to get the mule's attention.

The owner expressed his concerns in a frank and forceful manner. He was concerned that in today's economy, the hotel staff appears to be too lackadaisical in their attitude towards their job. He also expressed concern about my lack of confidence in performing my front desk duties when he is around.

I told him that I'm nervous when he is around and will holler at me if I make a mistake. He has done this before and I didn't want a repeat performance. His concern is that the hotel doesn't project the best image in today's competitive environment where quality of service is the difference in getting bookings or not getting bookings. I agreed with him and assured him that I would address this problem I have being nervous when he is around. I told him I wouldn't pay any attention to him but "do my thing" and if he has a problem with what I did, and then tell me about it later in private without the histrionics. I warned him that if he did holler at me I would call him down on it immediately.

I understand his concern. I have the same goals he does, increasing business for the hotel. My goal is to provide the best service money can buy for all the guests of the hotel.

I told him that I am not a replica of him and thus would not be providing the same wording and manner in dealing with the guests that he would but that I am competent and quite capable of doing my job if left alone without someone watching over my shoulder.

At the end of the almost hour long meeting, we shook hands and parted company with what I felt was a more understanding and respectful manner. However, I still do not agree with the method of placing an ad in the paper to get our attention. I told him that it was personally humiliating for me. I was reassured again that the ad was not to replace my job personally but that all options are open. Fair enough.

I go to work again next Saturday and Sunday. Watch out, a new and more confident Ron is on the barricades.


Kim Ayres said...

I still think it was an appallingly bad call of judgement to put the ad in the paper. I'm glad you've sort of straightened things with him, but if I were you I'd start looking elsewhere - he's shown himself to be an employer who a) can't be trusted and b) shows no respect to his employees

Ron said...


Again, you are exactly right. It was an "appallingly bad call of judgment to put the ad in the paper." I think even he realizes that now especially after being questioned about it at a local function last night ("why are you terrorizing your employees by placing that ad in the newspaper?")

There is a new hotel complex opening next year up the road from where I live. When I first learned about it this past summer I thought I would check it out but decided not to out of my loyalty to where I work now. After this episode, I have changed my attitude. You are exactly right again, "he's shown himself to be an employer who a) can't be trusted and v) shows no respect to his employees.

As soon as that hotel complex opens next year I'll be one of the first in line to submit a job application.

Thank you again Kim for your thoughtful and wise advice. You are a good friend.

nitewrit said...


I believe in loyality, too, but always remember business is business and it won't necessarily be loyal to you in turn. You must always be aware of your own situation. This isn't selfishness, this is just survival and commonsense.

As far as the new hotel, keep you eyes open because often new places begin the staffing process long before the actual completion of structure or opening of doors.

Wishing you the best.


Ron said...

Thanks Lar. Good advice as always.