Friday, November 13, 2009

Hurricane Ida Aftermath

This is Day Two of the remains of hurricane Ida hit on the Delmarva Peninsula where I live.

The wind and rain is whipping around outside. My house is creaking and groaning under the assault. This is getting so old.

Yesterday I drove into work down Route 1, my little red ten year old Subaru barely keeping its four wheel drive on the road as it was buffeted by wind gusts up to 50 MPH.

I drove down New Road, hoping that it is not flooded by the canal that intersects it half way down to Lewes. The water was up to the road but not flooded yet......that would happen later when I got off work at 11 pm. Then I had the experience of slowly hydroplaning through the canal water that now covered New Road.

No one was in the hotel. I felt like I was in Hotel Overlook as the wind and rain battered the hotel. Thank God the hotel didn't lose power.

My shift went fairly fast, considering it was an empty hotel. A few phones calls, moped the floors, checked the reservations for the weekend and pretty soon my shift was ended.

This morning I decided to brave the rain and wind and took my old dependable red Subaru Forester to get the oil changed. I was going to go on a sunny day but decided today instead because there probably wouldn't be a wait. I was right, there was not a wait. I was their only customer.

After a stop in Wal-Mart for milk and to pick up photo prints, I headed home on the almost empty Rt. 1. That's one benefit of awful weather, not much traffic.

Bill and I took a ride down Oyster Rocks Road. We didn't get far, it was flooded. We went back home we saw a blown over Porta-John. Now there’s a job I wouldn’t want to fix.


Kim Ayres said...

You've just got to hope no one was sitting on it at the time :)

Ron said...


There might have been. We drove by after the tipping. The door was open.