Monday, November 09, 2009

Birthday Lunch

"Could I take you for lunch today on your birthday?" asked my friend and neighbor Barbara.

"Yes" I quickly replied since I hadn't eaten lunch yet and my stomach was growling.

"Have you ever been to the Summer House in Rehoboth?" she asked.

"No.  Do they serve anything other than fish?" I asked, being one of the few residents of Lower Slower who doesn't like seafood.

"Oh yes, they serve many things.  Jane and I ate there last week and we had a very good meal." Barbara replied.

Well, that was enough to convince me.  I agreed and Barbara returned to her house next door to mine to get ready while I changed into something more appropriate for appearing in public on my birthday instead of my usual jeans and khaki shirt.

About 15 minutes later I make the short trip from my garage to her garage and off we went in Barbara's Cadillac to Rehoboth on this warm and sunny November day.

We found a parking slot about a half a block down from the entrance of the Summer House.  I never ate at the Summer House before but I know that during the summer tourist season it is always packed.  I always like to try new restaurants, looking for that special restaurant which combines good food with comfortable seating and ambiance along with good service and a reasonable price.  The Summer House met all five objectives.  My dining experience was completed by having lunch with someone whom I like and is good company, my friend and neighbor Barbara.

We checked out the Business Lunch Menu priced at $12.00. Barbara said she got the Marinated Sliced Sirlon Steak last week with the "Stuffed" Potato Cakes.  She decided to order it again (medium rare.)  I also ordered it (well done) but instead of the Ceasar Salad (as Barbara ordered), I got the homemade tomato soup. 

We both ordered iced teas while our order was being prepared.  My first sip of iced tea told me "This is real iced tea."  Something one doesn't get too often in restaurants these days.  That was a postive sign.

After about ten minutes of sipping our ice tea and conversation, our orders arrived.  The round  deep friend "Stuffed" Potato Cakes smelled heavenly.  On my plate was five thick slices of perfectly cooked sirlion steak dabbed with a Blue Cheese Herb sauce.  From my first bite into the tender beef I knew I was in for a delightful meal at the Summer House.  Even though I had ordered the steak well done, it wasn't overcooked and dried out as often is when ordering a steak well done.  In fact, this was the first steak I've eaten in about three years.  I'm a chicken and vegetable man (I know, I know; I should eat more fish but eating any kind of seafood reminds me of the floatsam on a beach after high tide rolls out.) 

Both Barbara and I ate all of our steak.  I wanted to eat all of my potato cakes but I knew my partner Bill would like them, so I saved four of them for him.  Barbara threw one of hers in the stryofoam box for Bill too.  We wish Bill would have gone to lunch with us but Bill doesn't like to dine out.

Barb paid the bill (a birthday treat for me) and we departed for home.  On the way we stopped in to visit our favorite local jeweler, The Cajun.  Both Barbara and I love out baubles.  The jewelry store where The Cajun works has the finest quality jewelry in the Rehoboth Beach area with the best discounts.  I have my eye on a particularly beautiful blue diamond ring (like I need another diamond ring.)  Barbara loves emeralds (and they look so good on her too.)  But, today we were "just looking."  We had a pleasant visit and then we were on our way back home, stuffed with our lunch.

We noticed a chill had returned to the air.  The sun had retreated back behind the clouds in preparation for tomorrow's forecast of clouds and possible showers.  No matter, I had an absolutely wonderful birthday spent with friends.  I didn't have a birthday cake today but finding a wonderful new restaurant was icing on the cake.  Who needs a birthday cake when they can have a day like this with friends?  I am a happy (old) man.  Thanks Barbara!


  1. Time to change your tagline to your blog, Ron - you're no longer 67... :)

  2. Kim, you're right. I am no longer 67. Thanks for reminding me (I think :)


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