Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Then and Now

Here is one of those posts that provide an insight into my personality and life. Again, this is an idea I stole from a friend of mine because I'm just not that creative or original. But it is fun:


1) Age: 47

2) Romantic Status: Living with Life Partner for 25 years (with open relationship options)

3) Occupation: Trust operations manager at a big city bank (Philadelphia, PA)

4) Fun night out: No "nights out", too tired from daily commute to Philadelphia

5) My BFF's: My partner, Big Bob

6) I spent way to much time: Commuting to work in Philadelphia, PA

7) I spent not enough time: With my life partner

8) I wanted to be when I grew up: Senior Trust Operations Manager

9) Biggest concern: Amount of time spent commuting to job in Philadelphia

10) What my biggest concern should have been: Spending time with my life partner

11) Where did I live: Downingtown, PA

12) Dumbest thing I did that year: Risked life and limb to go to work in Philadelphia during an ice storm and never got reimbursed for the comp days when I left the bank

13) If I could go back now and talk to myself I would say: Quit the job in the city and get a life closer to home

Now - October 2009

1.) Age: 67

2.) Romantic Status: Living with Life Partner for 45 years (with open relationship options)

3.) Occupation: Retired, work part-time as hotel front desk clerk in Lewes, DE

4.) Fun night out: Dining out with friends in Rehoboth Beach area

5) My BFFs: My Life Partner, Bob C. (no longer Big Bob, who is fading away with dementia), and Wayne

6) I spend way too much time: Traveling back and forth to Pennsylvania

7) I spend not enough time: Spending time with my partner

8) I want to be when I grew up: I am exactly where I want to be at this time of my life

9) Biggest concern: My living expenses outpacing my fix retirement income thus the need for a part-time job

10) What my biggest concern should have been: Spending more time with my partner

11) Where did I live?Milton, Delaware

12) Dumbest thing I did this year: Continuing my friendships with selfish and inconsiderate people just because I've known them for a long time - these aren't "friends" and I have discontinued the relationships

13) If I could go back now and talk to myself I would say: Quit the job in the city and get a life

This was revealing to me as well as to the readers of this posting.  I think the biggest change in my outlook on life from 20 years ago and now, is that things I used to consider important (like what people thought of me) are no longer important and things I didn't consider important (spending time with my partner) I new realize are very important.  The only constant is change.  I can't imagine what my life will be like 20 years from now.  Oh yes, I do plant to be around 20 years from now.


  1. Our priorities change as we get older, that's for certain. When I was 35 I was on the phone to my father and was complaining about this bit and that bit of life. Suddenly he said, "I'll swap you." When I asked what he meant, he replied he didn't care how much debt or how many problems I might have - he'd take them all off my hands if he could be 30 years younger.

    It's stuck with me, that has.

  2. Kim,

    When you reach my age (67) you will discover that:

    1) How fast the time went by
    2) How many aches and pains and stiffness of joints you now have which you never noticed when you were younger
    3)How you have acquired wisdom that you never imagined when you were younger
    4)And how you are not afraid of coming to the end of your life. The only fear that you have is that you will lose control over your body functions (physical or mental) and be dependent on the goodwill of others. When death comes you want it to be swift and silent in the night.

    I'll go for the 30 years younger under two conditions:

    That I know what I know now and that I have the money that I have now. I wouldn't want to go through all the struggle and want of my youth again. Once was enough.


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