Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

The last time I went out on the town for Halloween was 1979.  I'm going out tonight. As in 1979,  I'm going out with my friend Big Bob, the same friend who I went out with back in 1979.  At that time I lived in Philadephia.  Big Bob lived in a suburb of Philadelphia.

I dressed in two different costumes:  The Wolfman and Scary Monster.  Bob dressed as Frankenstein both times.  We scared the bejusus out of many a patrons of the gay bars along the strip in Philadelphia last Halloween of the 70's.  Actually, the end of the 70's was the end of the Golden Era of gay bars.  The early 80's was when the Gay Plague (AIDS) entered the scene. 

Tonight we're going to try replicate that wonderful, carefree night out on the town.  Only this time we won't get drunk.  I'm driving.

Happy Halloween to one and all! 


  1. Ron,

    You certainly went all out changing your Blog music and photo for this one day.

    The last phot was the scariest.

    You knew I was gonna say that, right? It's required.

    Have a Bootiful night.


  2. I did it especially for you Lar! You would have been disappointed if I didn't, right?

    I'm hoping it doesn't rain tonight. I don't want to get my cape wet.


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