Sunday, October 04, 2009

Class Reunion Update

Well I finally finished inputting all the information on the class reunion questionnaire that I received from my former classmates.


I updated the template I had of my 45th class reunion in Word on my computer. That sounds easy but there was a lot of cutting, pasting and just plain old keyboarding (aka as "typing.") Boy is I glad my Mom made me take typing class in high school. Back in the Fifties when I went to high school, boys did not take Typing class. They took Shop class. Actually, I wanted to take Home Ec (for "Home Economics" or how to cook) class but boys didn't take that class either. Oh yes, the Fifties was very misogynic. But Mom insisted that I take Typing. She said "You can always use typing skills, what good is taking study hall?" My teenage mind actually thought Study Hall was pretty cool because I could goof off that fifty minutes every day grab assing with my friends. But as usual, Mom was right. Thank you Mom.

So, I got all the typing done for the reunion questionnaires. I sat at this computer for at least ten hours or more both Friday and Saturday. That pile of questionnaires didn't seem to go down but finally I got to the last one. Was my aching back ever glad to turn over that last sheet?

Then I had to face the challenge of the cover sheet. My former classmate Patisue (I never could pronounce her name, I just call her "Pat") called me on my cell phone Saturday after I was returning from my weekly Saturday morning breakfast with Bill at Zorba's Greek restaurant of buttermilk pancakes. No surprise, Pat (or Patisue) hadn't done anything with the cover yet. She said "Nothing is hitting me." Hmmmm. This is where Clark Kent rips open his shirt to display the big "S" of the Superman logo.

I had some thoughts in my mind to do something really original for the cover page. The main idea being taking the names of all of the 114 graduating students of the Downingtown High School Class of 1959 and fitting their names in the big 50 logo. You know the outline of 50 with all their names squeezed in. That my friend is easier said than done.

I Googled the question "insert text into 50 number." What do I find? Links to web sites with terribly convoluted instructions on creating the "box" (in this case the number 50) and inserting a "string" (in this case being the names of my classmates) into the "box." I'm here to tell you that my poor, feeble, 67 year old brain just cannot process the complex formula I was presented with. It just was not possible.

I put a HELP call out on FB. My cousin Tim Tipton acknowledged my HELP call but did nothing. Now I can't even get Facebook up. I fear that I crashed the whole FB system with my request.

And that's another thing. I'm in withdrawal because I haven't been able to access my FB account all day. What in the world is going on with that? I Google the question "Why is Facebook down?" and all I get are links to previous down times. Nothing current. Oh well, maybe this is Tough Love. FB to me was always a guilty pleasure. I don't think any of my Friends were really interested in what I had to say but I sure did have fun typing in several times a day "What's on your mind?" Occasionally I would post a You Tube video (I hear they're having connection problems too today) that I was sure would irritate some of my Friends. I think the best think I like about FB is that I saw where my nephew (I only have one); nieces, and grandnieces are although they rarely communicated with Uncle Ronnie (my name in my Previous Life.)

But I digress. Back to the cover sheet for my reunion booklet. I decided to go generic. Viola! It looked great. Then I decided to add the picture of our old high school on Manor Avenue in Downingtown, PA. We were the last graduating class out of that high school. I have many fond memories of that old stone building (that is still standing by the way.) The old photo of our high school, with some of the Class of '59 classmates lounging around outside is perfect. Now we have something special.

I sent it to Carole, our reunion Drill Sergeant (otherwise known as the Organizer, which she is very good at.) Carole likes it. She says "I like the white background. The page jumps out at you!"

So there you go. I have The Boss's approval. Now all that needs to be done is get it printed and mailed off to Carole with the CD-ROM of the 75 pages of the reunion booklet. Our former classmate Jack S. will take care of the bulk printing and binding. Jack does this every five years. He's good at it. We each have our talents. Carole is very good at coordinating this group of Golden Oldies from the last graduating class of the Fifties.

Carole told me there were a few more reunion questionnaires that I have to input that she will send to me this week. After I update them I'll send her the CD-ROM. Then that ends my responsibilities of the reunion committee. Now all I have to think about is do I wear the same suit to the reunion that I wore to the last two reunions.

Those reunions were the 40th and the 45th. I have a suit that is that old? I surely do. When I left banking I gave all my old suits to my brother John, who is a pastor at southern fundamentalist church in Greenville, South Carolina. He says a lot of young students go to his church (he used to be the Youth Pastor) and many of them didn't even have suits to wear to Sunday Go to Meeting. I was only too happy to donate most of my suits. I kept two blue suits for funerals. One a solid Navy blue and the other a pin stripe blue suit. And there they sit in my closet awaiting the next funeral or class reunion, whichever comes first.

By the way, the sharp looking young man standing in the doorway of the high school. Recognize him? Yipper. That's yours truly. My Claim to Fame.   Haven't change a bit.


  1. Great photo - love the expression of the woman on the right :)

  2. Well now I know why I couldn't raise your FB page over the weekend!
    That was an incredibly huge job....thank you for all the hard work, the cover looks great.
    Judy D.

  3. Kim,

    This photo was taken in June of 1959. I think that lady couldn't find her daughter. She was a looking.


  4. Judy,

    I lost my FB connection with my MSN e-mail account. I guess because I don't go into that account ever to confirm is why I lost it. I signed up to FB anew with my AOL account (now that's taking a chance, you know how AOL can be.) Now I'm busy rebuilding my Friend list. By the way, your new picture looks great. Jack took it didn't he? He is a man of many talents. :)


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