Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anticipating the Class Reunion

This Saturday my 50th class reunion takes place at the Whitford County Club in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

I've attended the 20th, 25th, 35th, 40th and 45th reunion. But it is the 50th reunion is the reunion that I'm looking most forward to attending.

I am glad I'm still alive. Out of 114 graduating members of our class, 18 have died. I have survived even though the classmates listed alphabetically before and after me have died.

I am glad to say that I weigh the same now (160-165 lbs) the same now as I did when I graduated high school in June of 1959. However, my hairline is a few more inches above my eyebrows than it was 50 years ago.

A Nor'easter is scheduled for this weekend. I was dreading driving up to Pennsylvania in all that rain but there was no way I was going to miss my 50th class reunion. However, I was fortunate in that a classmate who lives nearby saw my posting on Facebook about me hating to drive in the rain. She called yesterday and asked if I would like to ride up to Pennsylvania with her and her husband. Would I ever! Absolutely! Now I can have a martini or two at the reunion and not have to worry about getting a DUI driving home.

I hear the rain beating against the windows of my home office as I type this blog posting. This is the beginning of the Nor'easter that was forecast for the weekend. I am so glad we had wonderful, sunny weather for last weekend's Equality March in Washington D.C. Things are going well. Life is good.

Note: the picture on this blog is me (really) and my date for my Senior Prom (1959) Jeanette Pritchard.
Cute couple huh?


  1. Now why did you never settle down with a nice young lass like that?


  2. Good question! Jeanette (the nice young lass in the picture) was a lovely young lady who I was fortunate enough to have as my date at my Senior Prom.

    I have made many mistakes in my life but the one big mistake I didn't make was ruining my life and a nice young lass like Jeanette's life by succumbing to societal pressures and getting married at a young age when I knew it would never work.

    Jeanette did eventually marry a fine young gentleman and have a large and wonderful family. Her life would have been quite different if she had married me.

    At this time of my life more than a few of my gay friends have broken marriages in their backgrounds with children, some of whom are estranged from them.

    There is Jack who has an adult daughter who continued to have a relationship with her father even after he moved in with his current partner Paul. However, Jack's son will have nothing to do with him.

    Then there is Doug who also has two adult children, a boy and girl. Both of his children are straight and continue to have a relationship with their father and his longtime partner, Ken. Doug is lucky.

    Then there is my friend Calvin. He has a son who he has nothing to do with nor does the son have anything to do with him.

    I could go on and on. While I would have liked to have children the price I would have to pay not to mention the lives I would have affected would not be worth it. My closest call to getting married was with Vivian. I truly loved that girl but made the wise choice to join the Army rather than getting married. She went on to marry and have eight children and many grandchildren. Then there was Joanne.....oh well, you get the idea.

  3. Ron,

    And don't forget Ginny, who I think really liked you. Look how she was gazing at you in that one picture.

    Hmmm, Jeanette, Vivian (I remember her), Joanne, Virginia...what are you trying to do, rival me in old girlfriends?


  4. Ah yes, Ginny. A very nice lass.

    Oh no Lar, I could never rival you in old girlfriends but I bet my list of old boyfriends is bigger than yours. :)


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