Saturday, September 19, 2009

Never Too Many Flowers

Bill and I got back from our weekly breakfast at Zorba's restaurant in Rehoboth Beach a short time ago. We're both full of buttermilk pancakes. What a wonderful way to start the day.

The skies are clear, the temperatures are cool (66 degrees) and the cool breeze of the morning invigorates the spirit. It is on days like this that one is glad to be alive.

Our neighbor stopped by last night to bring Bill some of his homemade grilled chicken. He warned me and Bill that he may have to use a machete to cut his way through our foliage to get to our front door the next time he stops over.

I love a walkway that is enveloped by a colorful border of flowers. For years and years I wanted such a walkway but when I lived in the woods in Pennsylvania the deer would not permit it. The deer ate my impatient flowers as soon as they bloomed. They ate my Hosta plants. They ate my azalea plants. They ate my rhododendron plants. They ate everything.

Today I start my three day blitz of work from 3 to 11 tonight. Monday I have an appointment with my doctor at the Veterans Administration Center in Wilmington to review my lab tests I took a few weeks ago. I work a few more days until the end of the month.

Next month I attend my 50th high school class reunion. That takes place on October 17th at the Whitford County Club in Exton, PA. Between then and now I have to update the reunion booklet. I haven't gotten the updated information from my classmates yet so I expect that it will be crunch time updating that booklet.

This past week I sensed the change of seasons. My work at the hotel will be winding down to one day a week. The yard work that has consumed so much of my time this spring and summer will come to an end with the cold weather.

This winter I plan to finally finish unpacking the boxes that I left unpacked in my media room in the basement. They have been in that room since we moved down here November 17th, 2006. Somewhere in there are some goodies I've been missing. Once I sort through those boxes, I'll make the determination what I keep and what goes to the local thrift store.

Now that I'm entering the last chapter of my life I realize it is time for me to make some final decisions. No more saving "things" for the future. The future is here now. I do know that most of the "stuff" I have is of no interest to anyone but me. However, I do receive some pleasure from seeing mementos from my past life. They bring back memories of a time not so long ago that I thought would go on forever.

I have memories of yesterday and hope for tomorrow. But I live for today.

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