Saturday, July 11, 2009

Milton Garden Tour

Today was just the perfect day for my first garden tour ever. For two years I've been trying to make the Lewes annual garden tour. Last year I had to work at the last minute and this year it was rained out. My friend Bob asked me to join him on this year's Milton Tenth Annual Garden and Homes Tour. This time I waited until the day of the tour before I bought my ticket (there were no refunds on the rained out Lewes Tour.)

Bob and I bought our tickets at the Milton Historical Society building in Milton on this absolute perfect sunny, low humidity, light breeze, Saturday morning. Our first tour was the Historical Society building which was formerly a church. The light steaming trough the multi-colored stained glass windows set the mood for the day. It was absolutely beautiful.

The first garden we visited was one after my own heart. It was called "The Orchard Hot House." The owner of the garden and house looks like a biker (tattoos, beard and pony tale) but has been an avid collector of orchids for nearly 30 years. His front yard is an all perennial garden with no green grass in sight. There was everything in his front yard. Not a blank space. Sort of reminds me of my planting technique, cover every spot. However, I do an expanse of green grass. In fact, I have almost an acre of green grass which frequently needs mowed as Bill often reminds me.

We next visited Bob's neighbor who has just about the best small, cozy backyard I've ever experienced. Someday, when I can't handle my present expanse of land, I hope to have a garden likes her. There is a bit of sun, shade and a water feature all just steps from your backdoor. My backyard is more like a field than a cozy backyard but it is what works for me now. I love having an area for my Purple Martin colony, the bluebirds and swallows who need a lot of space.

For the next several hours we toured the rest of the gardens on the tour. Each one was completely different and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting them. What I liked about all of them was that none were professionally done, all were homemade which is the best type. To have a professionally prepared garden on a garden tour like this is like taking store bought food to a pot luck. Somehow, it defeats the whole purpose.

I got a lot of good ideas for my garden from this tour today but I doubt if I'll ever participate in a garden tour. I'm too much of a perfectionist and I would drive myself crazy trying to get every weed out and having everything perfect. It wore me our just touring those gardens today and seeing all the work that went into them. Believe me, the nap I took this afternoon after I got home was one of the best I've had in months.

Yes, it was yet another good day for this old man to be Retired in Delaware.

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