Sunday, July 05, 2009

Boat Parade, Lewes, Delaware, July 4th, 2009

Yesterday was a perfectly, wonderful summer day for the annual Boat Parade in Lewes, Delaware. Of course working at the hotel was crazy but that's what I do for a living (part-time anyway) these days. There couldn't have been a better day to celebrate the Fourth of July than yesterday.

There were a lot of families with their children in Lewes yesterday, creating memories for life for the little ones. A day like yesterday is what life in America is all about. Families getting together and celebrating the many blessings we have in this country including the most precious, the freedom to be whoever we want to be, to live wherever we want to live, and to practice whatever religion we choose, and to pursue any career we want.

Even with all our flaws, this is still the only country in the world where I would want to live. We are truly blessed in this country. The Fourth of July celebrations yesterday, in this southern Delaware coastal town, under the sunny skies affirmed that truth.

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