Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rainy Saturday

If there was ever a day that I was glad I didn’t continue with my address canvasser job for the Census Bureau, it was this morning. I awoke with a deep congestion in my chest and aching from bone to bone. I could hear the steady downpour of rain from outside my bedroom windows. My voice is little more than a croak. Thank goodness that I don’t have to work at the hotel this weekend. Thank God I don’t have to go to work this morning verifying addresses for the Census Bureau. My sympathies go to those Census Bureau workers who are going out today to verify addresses. God bless them.

One of the biggest benefits of being retired is the freedom to decide to do with my day. Today is such a day. I don’t have to go to work at the hotel until next Friday, at which time I will work a four day marathon. I will be filling in for the full time front desk clerk who is going on vacation. But until next Friday I have nothing on my schedule except a dental appointment in Dover on Monday. I’m getting an upper partial dental plate and it is in. It will probably take several visits to get the fitting just right. Hopefully, I won’t have as much problem as my friend Diane did with her partial. Wish me luck Diane!

Tomorrow even I am meeting friends at the Purple Parrot in Rehoboth Beach for our weekly get together. That is if it is not raining. The days are longer (which I love) but I still don’t like to travel in the rain, in the daytime or nighttime. There probably won’t be too many more of these Sunday night gatherings anyway as the tourist season heats up. The traffic, people and congestion is just too much to have a pleasant evening with friends. No complaints about the seasonal tourists though, we need there business to keep our economy going here in Lower Slower.

This morning I received an interesting comment on my "Census Job Day Five - I Quit" blog. The following is the comment that “Anonymous” left:

"Guess some people get tired of your long-winded posts; the infinite details that are truly boring, and the fact you document every aspect of your life.Maybe you could post more interesting discussions that invite people to participate, rather than to read about your life that is truly focused on yourself in a way that is consistently way too verbose, and tiring to read."

Guilty as charged. My post are detailed. I do that on purpose. That is my style. Yes, I do try to document aspects of my life. Guilty again. In fact, that is the purpose of my blog. It is called a BLOG. That’s short for Weblog. It is a personal journal. It is MY personal journal

“Anonymous” sates “the infinite details that are truly boring….” Perhaps the details are truly boring to him/her. So what? Why read my blog then?

“Anonymous” suggests “Maybe you could post more interesting discussions that invite people to participate, rather than to read about your life that is truly focused on yourself in a way that is consistently way too verbose, and tiring to read.”

I love this comment. This stranger is telling me to post a discussion forum. What? There are thousands if not millions of blogs of this ilk. When I originally started a blog I had one like that. It attracted all kinds of unpleasant and negative people like “Anonymous” who presume to tell me how to write and lead my life. I discontinued that blog because it did nothing but drag me down to the same depths where people like “Anonymous” live. No, that was not a good thing. That isn't where I wanted to go with my blog.

What I love about the Internet and blogs is the freedom to write whatever I want to write about without seeking the approval of people like “Anonymous.” Yes, my blog is about me and I will continue to write in detail about every aspect of my life. I have to admit I do find it fascinating that some people like “Anonymous” feel the necessity to try and dictate how I should write my blog. Displays of arrogance like this always amaze me. This to me is perhaps the main problem with human kind today; some people telling other people how to live their lives. They have an innate inability to live and let live. They abhor freedom. They assume they and only they are always right and anyone who has a different viewpoint on life is wrong. They seek to control and when they can't control that which they cannot control, they strike out in fear with insulting and hurtful words. Frankly, I enjoy receiving these kinds of comments. I love pricking at the oblivous pomposity of self-important czars of Internet like this person.

So "Anonymous", back to the details of my life…….no work next week, I may eat a Clementine or two during the week, perhaps bake a German Chocolate cake (which I haven’t done since my father died August 22, 2000 – it was his favorite cake), might do some gardening if the weather is nice, will vacuum clean the house (haven’t done that in about a month – it’s way overdue), will have to update the mailing list for my 50th high school class reunion, will try to come up with a design for the cover of the 50th class reunion booklet, will try to get some more items for the Clear Space Productions Thrift Shop, will update my Facebook account at least three times a day, will check my e-mail also at least three times a day, will try to reduce my backed up mails to zero (lots of luck on that one), will continue to watch two Netflix movies a week, will keep my partner Bill entertained with my witty conversation and repartee ( I posses a smidgen of French in my vocabulary – my 8th grade English teach Miss Hurlock would be proud), will try to update my genealogy records on and Family Tree Maker, will also try to scan more old photographs into my computer for permanent storage, will try to get rid of the boxes of old correspondence in the dining room, will take more digital pictures of unique scenes as they appear, will continue to work part-time at the hotel and fill in where necessary when other workers have emergencies, will continue to have breakfast every Saturday morning with my partner Bill and our good friend Bob C., will continue to read the four books by Allen Hollingwurst that I got from (Mr. Hollingwurst writes excellent prose), will call my Mom in Pennsylvania to hear her latest complaints about Obama and Nancy Peolosi, will continue to watch my favorite MSNBC programs “Hardball” with Chris Matthews, “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann, and the “Rachel Madow Show”, will continue to have Ralston Purina Corn Chex for breakfast with one ripe banana and 2% low fat milk, will continue to have a scoop of potato salad for lunch with a flour tortilla wrap of roasted red pepper hummus and feta cheese and a side of Pineapple Mango Chipotle Salsa, and for dinner (when I’m not eating out), fresh Romaine Hearts with Parmesan dressing and whatever leftover rotisserie chicken I have on hand that week that I purchased from either the Wal-Mart at Georgetown or Milford. Oh, one more thing. There's a grapefruit in the bottom fruit drawer of the refrigerator that's been there since the Inn Christmas party. I better eat that this week before it turns to mush. Hate to waste food. Waste not, want not I always say.

And that my “Anonymous” friend, are just a few of my favorite things I will be doing all this week. Check my blog daily and I will attempt to fill you in with more detail. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Note: I did a little checking on my Sitemeter to attempt to find out where "Anonymous" was from. "
    Anonymous" entered my blog through my other blog "Tipton Tales and Trails." I suspect it is the same distant family member who issued a very scarcastic and negative e-mail to me asking me not to send links to him of updates to my "Tipton Tales and Trails" blog postings.

    I find it interesting that for someone who doesn't want me to send him links to my blog postings, he still reads my blogs and feels compelled to continue to contact me with insulting, scornful and hurtful comments.

    Unfortunately, if this is the same gentleman we have the same last name. If he is one and the same then it just goes to prove the old saying "You can pick your nose but you can't pick your relatives." Indeed.

  2. Ron,

    Okay, I'm wore out just reading your plans for the week.

    Isn't it terrible to be retired with nothing to do? ;)


  3. I felt it was necessary to go into detail with just some of my plans for the forthcoming week in response to "Anonymous" who complained that my blog postings were too much about me and boring to read. You know me well Lar, that's the last thing one wants to do - tell me how to live my life. That's another benefit of my blog, it draws arrogant jerks like this out in the open for all to see. You just know this guy had to be a bully in school. Remember the type?

  4. I received this e-mail from a good friend of mine this morning. It sums up in three sentences exactly my reaction to the criticism of my blogs from "Anonymous":

    I don't understand the criticism. I thought the idea of blogs was to write about yourself or your opinions. If you don't like someone's blog why read it.


  5. I agree; I know I will make a trip to visit a blog - sometimes just scroll quickly down the post because most of the text doesn't interest me. Other times, I read all of it because it's well-written and I'm learning something from the commentary.

    For me, all but one or two of my blogs are 'fixed' - no new items to add because the blogs were theme-based; once the theme and the knowledge I had to share was pretty much in place, I left it in tact as a reference blog for others who might want to use the information.

    Unless I find new information that pertains to that theme, I don't add to it.

    I use e-mails pretty much to chat about my personal life; it's private and the only criticism will come from the recipient - saves having to monitor comments and deal with people I don't know who happen along the way.

    I pretty much update only my opinions on viewpoints on the blog:

    This is pretty much about blogs I like; people I think know WHO they are, and a great deal of emphasis on the homeless plight of late.

    I have a couple others that are more politically slanted; however, right now I've got the president I want so there's nothing for me to add unless a certain event coming from our government either pleases me tremendously, or aggravates me.

    I find there are enough bloggers and web-sites covering government, politics, and religion so thoroughly I really have little to add.

    I add recipes to my recipe blogs; poetry to my poetry blogs - links to family fun and experiences on the family blog, and of course art links and pictures that go on my other blogs where the theme is about the beauty of art.

    I've got my roll with the recession blog; plenty of links and ideas for that.

    Having each blog with music turns into a musical radio station for me - guess that's more what prompted starting a blog than anything.

    I've met nice people who've bumped into the blog - leaving my e-mail address allows me to receive private e-mails much more often than getting comments on the blog. I like this because I can handle each e-mail one-on-one and neither of us expose our thoughts to the cyber-world.

    The cyber-world can be cruel just like the 'real world'....I like keeping cruelty to a minimum - for everyone.

    Now that summer is coming and we'll be gone up to the Grand Canyon for the summer, I'll be less and less 'on-line' - think that's a good thing for me because I prefer to be outside and ignoring the 'din'.......

    I guess I'm still a bit old fashioned; I like life much better without all the high-tech form of communication; a phone call or letter in the mail still thrills me more than anything.

    Call me an 'old lady' who likes those old traditions but who does indulge the newer forms of communicating simply because you can bump into some very nice people that you'd never know if you refused to participate in the current form of sharing thoughts and ideas.

  6. Diane,
    I appreciate and understand all your reasons for posting blogs. We all have different reasons and that is the beauty of a blog. We can use it for any reason. I have always kept some kind of journal. For many years I had pen pals. Over the years I have communicated with friends throught snail mail, e-mail, blogs and now Facebook.

    No one form of communication is pefect. But I do appreciate the new avenues of communication to explore.

    I've encountered jealous and hateful people all my life. I try not to let them throw me off of my game of being the naturally, friendly, open person that I am. There will always be people who try to control other people's lives by telling them how to live it according to their beliefs and dictates. They don't control my life and that sometimes makes them very angry.

    I'm a firm believer in whatever works for you, do it as long as you're not harming anyone else. Be babbling on about my mundane happenings may be of small import to many but it does give me a feeling that my life has importance. And who knows, some may even find it amusing. That is my only goal.


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