Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Gorgeous Spring Day

It had to happen! We finally got a gorgeous day at the beach. I just returned from my walk in Oyster Rocks. It was wonderful to feel the warm sun on my bare arms and to hear the birds chattering and getting things sorted out for their nesting season.

This morning Bill and I drove to Milford looking for the Oddfellow’s Cemetery to fulfill a FAG request that I received last week. I thought I would kill to birds with one stone this morning; do our weekly Wal-Mart Super Center run and take some cemetery pictures requests that I received from Find a Of course, as is usual, we couldn’t find the cemetery we were looking for. We found other cemeteries but not Oddfellow’s. Think of it, two “oddfellows” looking for the “Oddfellow’s Cemetery.”

Bill was getting agitated (he has no patience) so I cut the hunt short after the third set of directions we received were different from the first two. Even the map instructions we had from MapQuest were confusing. Again, there were no surprises here. Who hasn’t gotten driving instructions from MapQuest that were confusing? Rather than ruin the start of a perfectly good day I told Bill just to go on to the Wal-Mart store, which we did.

The usual suspects were at Wal-Mart and I got in the wrong long. I prefer the lines that don’t move while those on both sides of me are in and out while the lady in front of me is signing all her food stamp checks and haggling over one item that the food stamp doesn’t cover. If there was money to be made on predicting which line will stall, I would be rich by now.

Eventually we got out of the store, got home and I took my walk. Wonderful, wonderful, spring day finally. My cold is almost all gone. I’m going to have a light lunch, take a nap and work the 3 to 11 shift at the hotel tonight. The hotel is almost full. Guests expect good weather when they’re paying the big bucks to visit the First Town in the First State (Lewes, Delaware.) They won’t be disappointed today.

It was my intention to write a more detailed blog about the phenomenon of Susan Boyle (middle aged Scottish singing sensation) and how her “overnight” success is a perfect metaphor for our times, especially people like you and me who are so often laughed at and derided and told that we will never succeed no matter how hard we try. Susan is having the last laugh now (a good natured one too, and not a mean one) and we will too. If I should depart this earth tomorrow I go with no regrets for I have truly have had a very successful and happy life. From the humble beginnings from which I emerged and without any encouragement at all, and in spite of the slings and arrows of those who attempted to put and pull me down, I have managed to realize all of my dreams. Most of us can identify with Susan Boyle because at one time of our life we have been Susan Boyle. Beaten down, ridiculed, laughed at, not taken seriously. Susan is resisting a makeover and is going to continue to be who she is, a person who has more courage, strength and stamina than any self-important, puffed up so called "Super Star." Why I do believe we are entering a new era of peace, social acceptance and justice for everyone, no matter what they look like for their family beginnings. The next thing you know we'll have same sex marriages. Now wouldn't that be a miracle?

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