Monday, February 23, 2009

Windy Monday

Here is is Monday and the start of a new week and I haven't posted my daily blog. Sometimes it just isn't possible. This blog posting will be a short one to let everyone know I'm still alive and kicking.

Last night I was invited to an Oscar Party with friends but I decided not to go. The weather was dicey and I don't like to travel at night, especially to someplace where I'm not sure where I'm going. The last time two times I went to parties at this friend's house, I rode with someone else. Both of those individuals were unavailable last night. One stayed home and counted his piggies and the other went to market, er, he visited his relatives in Altoona, PA and attended a kid's party. I heard that he survived the party.

I stayed home and cooked a wonderful pork loin roast. Friday night I cooked to death a pork tenderloin. If you like meat the consistency of beef jerky, you would like that pork tenderloin I overcooked. I was determined to have the other white meat (my taste buds were up for it) so I cooked a rubbed pork roast last night. It came out perfect. After dinner I settled down to watch a DVD movie with Ben Stiller called "Lonely Hearts." It was raunchy and over the top sometimes with the language and nude scenes but I still got a few good hearty laughs out of the situations Ben found himself in. I needed a few good laughs. If I had went to the Oscar party I would have had a few good laughs too. That's the fun of friends gathering especially for an "event" such as the Oscars. What more fun can one have than to mock and make fun of the self congratulatory and self important stars as they accept their awards? I have to admit I did miss seeing Mickey O'Rourke winning an Oscar and giving tear filled thanks to his recently departed Chihuahua Lokey for "all that he has done to support me." Then, in like a typical over the top Hollywood phony, Mickey would look up to Heaven and say "I know you're watching me Lokey." Mickey would then raise his Oscar with his right hand and show the base to the audience as he departs the podium in triumph. Oh God, can't these Hollywood types operate without a script and be a little more creative when accepting their awards? How about a simple "Thank you" and exit stage right? Of course this is impossible with a Hollywood star. After all, isn't acting in itself the very definition of phoniness? One would think they were accepting the award for finding a cure for cancer. No, they're just actors congratulating each other on doing the politically correct thing that was "in" the previous year. Unfortunately for the plastic surgery marginalized Mickey, gays were in last year, not wrestlers. Maybe next year Mickey can play a gay wrestler who is trying to stop the slaughter in Darfour. I mean no offense to my gay friends (I'm gay too, remember?) but come on. Enough is enough. Put the sunglasses and scarf away Mickey and wash that greasy hair. Maybe next year you'll get a chance to purse your collagen inflated lips at the American movie going public again. God I hope not.

This morning has been busy with checking my genealogy e-mails. When I was working full-time my wish was to win the lottery so I could open up an office and devote most of my time to my genealogy research. Well, I didn't win the lottery but I do have an office (home office) and I do devote most of my spare time with my Tipton family genealogy research. Last night I spent about an hour on the phone with Jewell Winfed Tipton of George. Jewell (a man, he says "Jewell" is a common name in the South for a man) is my fifth cousin. We share the same great-great-great-great grandfather, Major Jonathan Tipton. I'm also talking to Winfred (another man's name) "Ace" Tipton of Oklahoma. He is also my fifth cousin. This morning I talked to Tim Tipton of Tennessee. You guessed it, he is also my fifth cousin. Good ole Jonathan Tipton, he has a lot of progeny.

It won't be too long now until I have to whip up some lunch and get ready for work today. The day outside is bright and sunny and windy, as it often is down on on the coastal plain of southern Delaware. Spring is coming, I can feel it!

What's the picture on this blog have to do with this blog? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is my neighbor Barbara's new Yorkie puppy Heidi. I think she likes me.


  1. Heidi is adorable; that's the very dog I want to have (and will after we get back from my mom's 4-month visit in 2010).

    I think you've got a couple 'boo-boo's in your post....

    Maybe this one:

    If you meat the consistency of beef jerky, you would like that pork tenderloin that I overcooked.

    And this one:

    You guess it, he is also my fifth cousin.

    Re Mickey Rourke; even Charlie Rose had him on his talk show - that means Mickey must really be hurting because normally Charlie has nothing but the best of the best.....

    I loved the entertainment they had at the Oscars; the staging was beautiful - dancing outstanding.

    I'm glad Sean Penn won; he's a great actor in ANY part he plays.

    I don't think Slum-Dog Millionaire should have taken so many Oscars; certainly that was 'politically' based.

    Poor Goldie Hawn; she looked like she'd had 40 Botox injections just prior to the show; frumpy indeed, and truly 'over the hill'.

    Anthony Hopkins and Kevin Kline looked terrific; so gracious as always.

    I was surprised at the talent of Hugh Jackman - he's such a happy kind of guy; full of music, dance, and zest.

    Not spending as much time on-line for a few weeks; the dental work and subsequent 'pain and recovery' will take up the next 4 to 6 weeks. I always have so much trouble with extractions, and they'll be doing 18 in one sitting, so I know it will 'lay me low' for a bit.

    We'll be having 75 and 80 degree weather this week; hate to see the return of the hot weather we'll have by April; love our winters in the desert. Ah, but it's only fair to share - you'll have beautiful weather by May (possibly April since you live near the ocean).

    Take care....Diane

  2. Diane,

    Thanks for pointing out the errors. Usually I compose my postings to Word first then proofread them several times in the Preview mode before I post them. Yesterday I posted directly to the blog without going through Word first then the multiple proofreadings. It shows. I won't do that again. Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it.


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