Saturday, February 14, 2009

Leaving Pennsylvania

Early tomorrow I leave Pennsylvania. My four days at my Mom's house in Pennsylvania has been very productive. I spent quality time with my Mother and brother. Since my move to Delaware in November of 2006, all of my visits to Pennsylvania were made the same day. This wasn't fair to my Mother. This visit I changed that scenario. I stayed for four days. I think she's had enough of me now. The next time I visit, I'll probably stay overnight but just for one night. Four nights is too much. I don't know how our whole family lived in this 1,100 square foot one bathroom, ranch house back in the late Fifties. It is so small. I've been spoiled with my 4,200 square foot house in Delaware with four bathrooms. I am looking forward to going home tomorrow and walking around a house where my elbows don't bump into the walls.

Earlier this morning I visited my Aunt Mable and her son, my cousin Bud (same age as me.) It was a good visit. Bud and I discussed the state of the economy. Aunt Mabel asked about my Mom. They used to work together on "the line" in the frozen foods division of Pepperridge Farm in Downingtown. Yes, they were the Ethel and Lucy of the frozen cake line. They have many funny stories to tell about the time the line was speeded up. Cakes falling off the line. Aunt Mabel and my Mom have many funny stories to tell of their experiences "on the line."

Before I left, Mabel and Bud loaned me some of their old precious family photos. Oh how I love to borrow these old family photos and scan them into my computer so I can post them to the Tipton Family Tree on This is perhaps my favorite pastime in my retirement years. Whenever I visit relatives I try not to leave without borrowing at least a few of these priceless family photos. Very little gives me greater pleasure than to see those faces out of the past. So long ago and such a different time.

Whenever I visit Pennsylvania I try to have at least one lunch at the Brickside Grill so I can order their version of Chicken Quesadilla. No one, and I mean NO ONE makes a Chicken Quesadilla like the Brickside Grill. Today I had lunch with my former classmate Judy and her son Ben. Ben ordered calamari. I have never eaten calamari. I tried some today. Just as I suspected it tasted like a breaded fishy rubber band. For the life of me and I cannot fathom why anyone would eat THAT. But, now at least I can say I ate calamari.

Back home, I got onto my new Facebook account. I had signed up to Facebook a few years ago but never really got into it. A couple friends asked why I wasn't on Facebook. Well, I took their advice and now see what I was missing. I had thought I was too old for Facebook. Now I find out that Facebook is for anybody. It brings e-mailing to a whole new level. In fact, it makes the old way of e-mailing seem quaint. I was also hesitant because I didn't think I would have any friends. Much to my surprise, many of my OLD friends are already on Facebook. Looks like this time I was the one slow on the uptake.

One more night sleeping in my Pop's very uncomfortable bed. I've finally figured out how to get the right water temperature when taking a shower, my last night here. Early, snow flurries were drifting to the ground outside. The weather forecast is sunny but cold tomorrow. I'm ready to hit the road about 9 o'clock. It will be good to get home. I won't be doing this again for quite some time. The next time I'm scheduled to come up is March 10, for a class reunion committee meeting. I'll see if I can talk someone into going to the Brickside Grill with me again for Chicken Quesadilla. I can taste it now.

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