Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hump Day Plus One

Slowly but surely I’m getting back to my regular routine. I had to go into work yesterday to fill in for the regular front desk clerk who had a cold. Day shift at the front desk is totally different from night shift. Both shifts are interesting but the day shift goes by much faster. After my shift, I got home and showered and took a good long nap. Of course that screwed up the rest of my evening.

After my nap I got on my computer and checked my account on Facebook. Then I opened up my AOL e-mail account and worked on catching up my genealogy e-mails. I now have four distant relatives (that I’ve never met personally) who are now sharing information with me. Sharing genealogy information with distant relatives is a pastime that I never tire of. I also called two of these relatives, one in Tennessee and one in Ohio. I always enjoy connecting with hitherto unknown relatives and gaining new information about our common family tree, especially the older relatives. I’ve missed so many opportunities in the past to talk to many of my older relatives because I was so caught up in my day to day life. Now I’m trying to make up for lost time.

This daily blog will have to be cut short. I just received a call from a former classmate and a good friend asking me if another one of our classmates has died. I didn’t know. I will have to check my sources. This year will be our 50th class reunion and I’m the classmate who keeps these records for our reunion booklet in addition to our former classmates’ addresses.

Now I have to prepare my lunch. I’m scheduled to work today then I’m off until Monday. Bill and I will be able to pick up on our regular routine of having breakfast at Zorba’s in Rehoboth this Saturday. They say old people like familiar surroundings and a routine. I’m there.

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