Monday, February 16, 2009

Back Home in Delaware

Oh it was so good to get back “home” again yesterday. While I enjoyed visiting my Mother and friends and relatives in Pennsylvania, my home is here in Delaware. I remember something my brother John told me many years ago. He and his wife were returning to their home in Greenville, South Carolina after a visit to Pennsylvania. They had lived in South Carolina for about 15 years but still referred to Pennsylvania as “home.” John and Barb made frequent visits to their “home” in Pennsylvania, which was actually our parent’s home. As John and his wife crossed the North Carolina state line to South Carolina and entering the Piedmont Valley, he turned to his wife and said “Honey, we’ll be home soon.” It was then he realized that this was the first time he referred to their residence in Greenville as their home. He didn’t realize what he said at first. Then it struck him, he had made the transition, Greenville, South Carolina was now their home. This is the way I felt yesterday as I merged into traffic from Rt. 896 to Rt. 1, I was going home.

I left the snows of Pennsylvania to the flat sunny landscape and big blue sky of Delaware. Pennsylvania has wonderful picturesque landscapes but give me the flat sameness of the Delaware coastal plain. The twisting, winding roads of Pennsylvania with the hidden driveways are interesting but dangerous because you never know when a car or truck is going to come screaming around the corner ahead. I’ll take the flat grid lines of the roads of Delaware anytime. Perhaps the thing I like the most about Delaware is that it isn’t so congested. After awhile in Pennsylvania I get very claustrophobic. While all the conveniences are there in Pennsylvania; great stores all within short driving distances, there is a price to pay. High taxes, congested roads, more severe weather, and high taxes. Oh, I already said that didn’t I?

Yesterday I got back on my “Delaware” schedule. Nap in the afternoon, Sunday night out with friends at the Parrot. Today I go to work at the Inn. This morning I will catch up on my genealogy e-mails. I’ll also check my new Facebook account. The son of a former classmate of mine, Ben B. gave me the final push to open a Facebook account. Thank you Ben! Now I’m on board with 21st century communication with friends and relatives. Of course I’m experiencing a few bumps along the way like why isn’t Facebook accepting my photos (you all know photos are a big part of who I am) and exploring all the possibilities of customizing my Facebook account.

I am so glad that I took the trip to PA last week. I got a chance to bond with my Mom and brother, which was very important. Mom isn’t doing well. She gets very depressed. My brother told me as I was leaving, she was doing better because of my visit. Good to hear that the Number 1 Son (that would be me) still has a positive effect on his Mom.

I enjoyed a delightful dinner at my friend Judy’s home. Also in attendance were Pat, Carole and Esther, and Judy’s son Ben. I didn’t know Judy was such a good cook! We had a wonderful night topped by attending a Trivia Night at the nearby Brickside Gill. We almost won! We only missed by one point. We are planning on playing Trivia again when I return March 10th for a reunion committee meeting for our 50th class reunion.

Last night I met friends at the Purple Parrot in Rehoboth for a wonderful evening of repast and camaraderie. Always fun. I remember when I was young and used to hit the bars. I was oh so serious in those days. We used to see the old guys having so much fun. My friends and I often wondered how a bunch of old guys could have so much fun. After all, weren’t we the one who were young and beautiful? Well, I found out. Those old guys back then didn’t take themselves so seriously and neither do we. Of course it helps that the hormone levels are significantly down.

Today I’ll catch up on my e-mail, scan some old photographs that I borrowed from relatives during my trip to PA, and check my new Facebook account. The early morning sun is streaming through my window, resting on my shoulder and warming my soul. It is good to be home again.


  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Hi Ron,

    It's good you had a smoother trip back to DE. The older I get the less I like to travel for long overnite stays. There is no place like home!

    I'm glad you got some quality time in with your Mom. I miss mine so much but since I spent a lot of time with her I have no regrets.

    How was Bill with the length of your trip? Hopefully he missed you so much that he will be in the same room with you now.

    Talk to ya later.

  2. Well maybe it's a good thing Facebook isn't uploading your photos - here's the latest information from Consumers' Report:

    Is Facebook forever?
    You can leave Facebook, said Chris Walters in consumer advocacy blog The Consumerist, but a part of you will stay behind forever. The social-networking site’s terms of service used to say its rights to your original content expire when you close an account. But a new change says that Facebook now has the right to do “whatever it wants” with your old photos and comments. So don’t upload anything “you don't feel comfortable giving away forever, because it's Facebook's now.”

    The Consumerist’s alarm sparked a predictable outcry from privacy advocates, said Caroline McCarthy in CNET News, but “most Facebook users won’t give a hoot.” Facebook eased some fears by quickly clarifying its rules, and stressing that it never claimed ownership of its users’ pictures and videos. And the website also promised always to respect your original privacy settings, so the general public will never see anything you wanted to keep within a small circle of friends.

    Facebook is essentially saying that users have to “take it all on trust,” said Staci Kramer in The Washington Post. Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said on the company’s blog that users own their content, but have to grant Facebook a license to it so the site can “help people share that information.” What that means is simple: When someone leaves, their account disappears, “but anything they've sent someone else lingers on, like the grin from the Cheshire Cat, whether they want it to or not.”

    The disturbing thing isn’t that Facebook gets to leave old pictures and videos online, said Sam Diaz in ZDNet. If my friend deletes his account, I should still be able to see "the picture that he uploaded and tagged of me and him." The troubling thing is that Facebook has the right to change its terms of service with or without telling me about it.

    So, there you have it; I never join any of these web-sites; keeping my own blog with my own pictures secures my rights to use them 'whenever'. It doesn't secure the fact I've seen my photos used on other blogs, but at least I can let the blogger know if I want it removed.

    I hope you'll get a vacation this summer so you can visit your mom for a longer period of time; it has to be difficult for her with you being at such a distance........

    By the way, I'm having to sign in again since Internet Explorer 'crashed' - it seems when that happens, Google loses my ID.....

  3. Diane,

    Facebook changed the terms back to the old way. You can read about it in the papers this morning. There was too much of an outcry about they sneaky way they changed the terms before. I'm not worried. I figure everything there is to know about me is already out there on the Internets already. Besides, I didn't give them my cell phone number after your experience with


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