Saturday, January 24, 2009

Silent Treatment

I'm getting the silent treatment now from Bill. That was a close call yesterday. It was stupid of me on my part to even listen to his suggestion to pass on the right. This too will pass.

To occupy my mind with something else today, I worked printing address labels to send postcards out to my classmates for our 50th class reunion. It was an all afternoon job. I worked with the mail merge feature of Word. I've done this before but I don't know how I did it. This time I even used the wizard and I still don't know how I did it. Good old Microsoft, God forbid that they would make something intuitive. After about four hours I got the labels printed. I'll send them off to my classmate Carole to send out.

We had a nice day yesterday but the cold has descended upon us again. This morning I saw a new Jacqui Lawson card that featured a tropical island with warm summer breezes. I sent it out to all my friends to remind them that better days are coming.

Hope you all like the picture I've posted to this blog. Weren't you all enthralled by Aretha's big gray bow at the inauguration? Apparently the Bushes were too.


  1. jim rossignol7:16 PM


    Not to intrude but giving someone else the silent treatment is extremely selfish, very hateful and just dead wrong! And this is not an opinion.

    Glad to see your computer world is looking up!

    Stay warm.


  2. I debated whether or not to put my current situation on the blog. But I did anyway. For me the purpose of my blog is to vent my feelings, whatever they may be. It is a daily journal of my life, the good and the not so good. These silent treatment episodes have been going on for most of our 45 year relationship. I know it's not good but I have found the best way to deal with them is to let time heal his perceived hurt. One thing that is a constant though, it's always him that is mad at me. I can't hold anger like that. Why do I put up with it? Because I really do care for him and I know he doesn't mean it. It's some kind of depression he goes through. It comes in cycles. I never know what's going to set it off.

    Yes, my computer problems seem to have settled down. I still have a problem with my HP All-in-One Photosmart printer though. The software is buggy. I never know when it is going to disconnect itself. I checked the Internet and I found that I'm not the only one. HP put out a bad product with the C6280 model.

    A short time ago I was talking to a long time friend of mine who has witnessed these silent treatments. He said "It never gets easier does it?" He's right, it doesn't.

  3. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Hi Ron,

    The picture you posted made me lol. Aretha has a lot of guts to wear a hat like that & only she can get away with it.
    I couldn't believe your "dodged a bullet" post. The same thing happened to me on the way home from Georgetown the same day, but it was my son who told me to go. Since he's always right (ha,ha) I like a fool listened to him but it seems I'm the one with dementia. Go figure! I'll get no silent treatment from him though because he likes to hear himself talk too much. Hang in there & stay warm.

  4. When I saw Aretha's hat I thought , what the hell is that? I know the lady is big but talk about diverting attention. I was transfixed looking at her big gray bow. It worked! A friend sent me that picture of the Bushes. I laughed out loud when I saw it because it perfectly symbolizes the absurdity of George W. Bush.

    I'm glad to hear you dodged a bullet too! Accidents can happen so easily. I'm more mad at myself for listening because I knew I was in the wrong. It's like a friend of mine said after he read my blog. He said "most of the time the other driver is the a-hole but that time you were." He was right.
    For whatever reason I was given a pass that time. I will not repeat that mistake.

    Today is Day Two of the Silent Treatment. This may last a week.

    Thanks for the good advice and watch out for those other drivers!


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